Ways to Reduce Mold Allergies

It’s always allergy season in sunny San Diego. Mold allergies can be especially tricky because it can live both inside and outside. Despite how aggressive mold allergies can be, there are ways to limit your exposure and save yourself from the discomfort of sinus pressure.

Keep yourself up-to-date on these 5 easy and effective ways to avoid mold allergies:

1.  Know where to go. Did you know that mold tends to thrive in certain environments you might visit regularly? Flower shops and antique shops are all breeding grounds for mold. Construction sites are another hot spot. If you plan on going in to any businesses or stores like these, take some allergy medicine ahead of time.

2.  Look out for leaves. Mold loves to live in damp leaves and uncut fields, which means you should avoid them at all costs if you have a mold allergy. Don’t leave wet leaves in your gutters either, as mold can breed in them. If you absolutely must do yard work, make sure you use a dust mask and take a shower as soon as you’re done.

3.  Keep the mold out of your home. Controlling the amount of moisture in the air is a great way to prevent mold from accumulating in your own house. Using a dehumidifier or air conditioner will do the trick. If you have an air conditioner, you can purchase a filter attachment to keep outdoor mold from getting in. When using a dehumidifier, try to keep the humidity below 60%. Setting up an exhaust fan or keeping the window open in your bathroom will stop mold from living on damp surfaces.

4.  Dig deeper. Whenever you see mold growing on a surface in your home, scrub it off right away. Bleach, soap and water, or other store-brand products should get rid of it. If you happen to spill or encounter a leak on your carpet, make sure you get it cleaned up quickly as well. Unfortunately, just eliminating the appearance of mold isn’t enough. You’ll need to go to the source to get rid of it completely.

5.  Use your sources. The National Allergy Bureau sends out email alerts to help notify you of outdoor spore levels to help you know when you can spend a lot of time outside. High spore levels = high chance of allergy issues.

We recently spoke with Dr. Brian Stone at Allergy Partners of San Diego regarding mold allergy:

“When avoidance measures fail to resolve mold-related symptoms an allergy evaluation can really help by pinpointing what’s bothering you.  We can then devise a treatment plan that includes allergy shots or drops to gradually immunize you against your allergies.”

We know that keeping yourself completely safe from mold is almost impossible, since it can thrive in multiple outdoor and in-home environments. Luckily, following these simple steps can help cut down on mold exposure and keep you more comfortable, too.

You can count on Scripps Affiliated Medical Groups to keep you informed on allergy-related information as well as household health tips year-round!

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