Clinical Studies

A complete listing of clinical studies conducted right here in San Diego.

Scripps Affiliated Medical Groups works with local healthcare providers to offer a comprehensive directory of clinical trials being conducted around the county. Many of these clinical studies focus on new investigational drugs, devices, and treatments. For more information on research and clinical trials right here in San Diego, explore the clinical trial pages listed below. Each clinical study page includes a general summary, contact information for the clinical trial coordinator(s), and contact form if you’re interested in learning more.


Clinical trial locations


Allergy Partners of San Diego

The Research Center at Allergy Partners of San Diego was established in 1986 to conduct clinical studies of new medications in the area of allergy and asthma and related…


AMCR Institute

The AMCR (Advanced Metabolic Care + Research) Institute is dedicated to attracting, nurturing, and retaining patients and staff in order to carry out outstanding metabolic research. Our volunteers,…


Genesis Research LLC

To find the best methods for fighting prostate cancer and other types of cancers and urological diseases – the physicians of Genesis Healthcare conduct clinical research studies to…


GW Research

We are among the premier Clinical Trial facilities in San Diego County. GW Research specializes in clinical trials for Gastroenterology-Digestive disease research and Hematological-Oncologic research. We offer evidence…


MedDerm Associates

MedDerm is dedicated to a safe atmosphere for research subjects and to delivering high quality trial operations and procedures in a timely manner. We strictly adhere to HIPAA,…


San Diego Coastal Endocrinology

San Diego Coastal Endocrinology Group has a 10 year record of dedication to a personalized approach to the medical care for each of our patients. We specialize in…


SD Uro-Research

Clinical trials are conducted to gather data regarding the safety and effectiveness of new drug and device development. A new drug must go through several extensive steps before…

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Women’s Health Care Research Corporation

A Clinical Research Site Specializing in Women’s Health Issues To find the best methods for treating and managing a variety of women’s health issues, Dr. Rovena Reagan conducts clinical…


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