Healthy Valentine’s Day treats

Healthy Valentine’s Day Treats Your Kids will Love

Looking for healthy Valentine’s Day treats that will satisfy the sweet tooth of your little one(s) while also giving them some good nutrition and energy? We’ve rounded up a couple of recipes that will do just that. 


Raspberry lemon baked donuts. 

Baked, not fried, with yogurt frosting and some fresh fruit mixed in, these doughnuts will satisfy your kids’ craving for something sweet and your need to get something nutritious in them. 


Nutella stuffed strawberries. 

You had us at Nutella. Chocolate and strawberries are a classic Valentine’s Day pairing, requiring just three ingredients! (If your kid has a nut allergy, just sub in plain melted chocolate.) 


Chocolate strawberry-covered popcorn. 

It may sound a little odd at first, but the filling popcorn with just a touch of sweetness from the chocolate and freeze-dried strawberries is an excellent salty-and-sweet combo that could intrigue your kiddos if they just give it a try. 


Heart-shaped fruit skewers. 

Fruit is naturally sweet, and it’s a great snack for kids. All you have to do is jazz it up with a simple heart-shaped cutter – choose whatever kind of fruit your kids like best, and it will be an instant success! 


Frozen yogurt bites. 

Similar to the fruit skewers, just adding a heart shape into the mix is all that’s required to turn this recipe into a healthy Valentine’s Day treat. You can buy a special heart-shaped mold for popping these yogurt and fruit creations in the freezer and add some sprinkles for some extra pizzazz! 


Chocolate-banana sundae bites. 

These little banana pops just need a few extra ingredients to make them extra special and delicious, sure to please your little ones’ taste buds.


Strawberry mango smoothies. 

Is it pink? Then it can be considered a healthy Valentine’s Day treat! This recipe calls for strawberries and mango, but you should experiment with any fruit you have on hand or whatever your kiddo prefers. Bonus points for adding a fun sippy straw! 


Chocolate avocado pudding. 

Adding the word “chocolate” to something is a pretty easy way to get your kid to taste some! This chocolate avocado pudding has five ingredients and some hidden healthy fats to accompany the chocolatey taste. 


Looking for more healthy recipes? Combine your treats with some healthy Valentine’s Day meal ideas, or go to the Healthy Lifestyles section on our blog for more inspiration!

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