6 Healthy Meal Kits

When life gets busy, thoughtful meal planning is the key to ensuring that you and your family eat healthy nutritious meals each day. Up until a few years ago, meal prepping required that you plan the meals, purchase the ingredients, and then cook everything, usually making a few staple dishes in large quantities to divy up over a few days. Nowadays, you can get healthy meal kits delivered straight to your door, which saves some of the time it takes to make a meal plan and go to the grocery store. Meal kit services come in many forms – some send fully cooked frozen meals ready to heat and serve, while others contain recipe cards and pre-measured ingredients to make cooking meals easier. 

Most of the services do not require long-term commitments, so you can experiment to find the healthy meal kits that are right for you. Read on to learn about some healthy meal kit delivery options available today. 

Blue Apron

Featuring high-quality ingredients, Blue Apron was the first meal kit delivery service to become well-known and is still one of the most popular. If you’re on Weight Watchers, check out their special recipes that align with the point system.
Diets and dietary restrictions accommodated: Weight Watchers, vegetarian, diabetes-friendly
Examples of meal items: Thai-style glazed tilapia, spicy turkey and mushroom lettuce wraps, potato hash and eggs
Heat-and-serve, or is cooking involved? They send easy-to-follow recipes and ingredients for you to cook.
Pricing: Starts at $7.49 and goes up depending on what options you select

Green Chef

Specializes in healthy organic meal kits, featuring sustainably farmed and fished antibiotic-free meats with easy-to-follow meal plans.
Diets and dietary restrictions accommodated: Paleo, keto, vegan, balanced diets
Examples of meal items: Mole-roasted carrots, Mediterranean chicken, pineapple teriyaki salmon
Heat-and-serve or is cooking involved? Cooking, but most meals come together in less than 30 minutes.
Pricing: Starts at $12.00 per serving


Sunbasket offers meals with mostly organic ingredients with recipes designed for various dietary-restrictions. You can also take advantage of the convenient option of adding healthy sides and your snacks to your order, such as hummus or fresh fish.
Diets and dietary restrictions accommodated: Vegan, gluten-free, keto, paleo, Mediterranean, pescatarian, low-carb
Examples of meal items: Shrimp paella, pan-seared chicken, sweet potato taquitos
Heat-and-serve or is cooking involved? You do the cooking.
Pricing: $12 per serving, so prices vary depending on how much and how often you have items delivered.

Purple Carrot

The first 100% plant based meal kit delivery service, they offer interesting and tasty vegan meals.
Diets and dietary restrictions accomodated: Vegan
Examples of meal items: Potato Tikka Masala, Cashew Cheese Stuffed Tomatoes, Kale and Tempeh Chorizo Scramble
Heat-and-serve or is cooking involved? Both! They offer prepared meals ready to eat, and meal kits to assemble. When it comes to cooking, some recipes are more complicated than others, so if that matters to you, be sure to pay attention when making your selections.
Pricing: $12 per serving


Nutritious, prepared meals sized for one person.
Diets and dietary restrictions accommodated: Dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, with filters to find items best suited for those watching carbs, sodium, or calories.
Examples of meal items: Oven-Baked Chicken Florentine, Broccoli Rabe Turkey Sausage, Keto-Friendly Chicken Bowl
Heat-and-serve or is cooking involved? Heat and serve — ready to eat in 3 minutes.
Pricing: Starts at $11.49 a meal for 4 meals, with discounts if you purchase more.

Home Chef

Home Chef has dozens of meal kits to choose from each week, with several recipes that are one-pot meals to make it quick and easy to get dinner ready.
Diets and dietary restrictions accommodated: Can accommodate any, but the ability to order double protein portions or swap carbs for veggies or protein make it especially easy for those on keto or low-carb diets.
Examples of meal items: Honey-ginger salmon, cauliflower enchiladas, balsamic fig glazed chicken
Heat-and-serve or is cooking involved? Cooking, but have several “easy prep” options that require very little work.
Pricing: Meals start at $7.99 per serving.

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