Plant Power – Encinitas

Looking for an ALL VEGAN Fast Food on-the-go?  Look no more.  Power Plant Fast Food has fresh food made daily from their homemade burgers that are hand-forged daily in-house to their homemade sauces made with organic ingredients and fresh cut kennebec fries or sweet potato medallions that are never frozen.  Their menu is entirely cholesterol free.  Their food is responsibly sourced, natural and 100% GMO Free and their soft drinks are made with organic cane juice.

Not only do they care about your health, but they are also an Eco-friendly restaurant that cares about the planet and only uses compostable packaging made from biodegradable and renewable resources like corn, sugar cane and potatoes.  Their restaurant design features recycled aluminum chairs and tables made from renewable bamboo.

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(760) 452-2352

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411 Santa Fe Drive
Encinitas, CA, 92024