Zohydro – New Pain Medication May Be Too Much of a Good Thing

A new painkiller, Zohydro, has recently been approved by the FDA for use in the US. While designed to be extremely effective in providing pain relief, it has some potential side effects that have raised alarms among medical professionals, consumer protection groups, and politicians. Zohydro ER is a time release opioid that is designed to be 5 – 10 times stronger than Vicodin (hydrocodone). It has been recommended because of its effectiveness. Because it doesn’t contain acetaminophen, it doesn’t have the same toxic effects on the liver as other hydrocodone painkillers. If taken properly it could provide significant pain relief to chronic pain sufferers. Reasons for concern include the fact that it’s dispensed in tablet form without abuse deterrents, making it easy to crush and inject. Reportedly, a single tablet could be fatal if taken by a child. As some have pointed out, any drug can be abused, and abusers shouldn’t prevent new and effective medications from being released. Zohydro is just the latest, and currently the most potent, painkiller, with both positive and negative attributes.

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