Where to Find Kombucha in San Diego

You may have seen this headline and asked yourself, “what is kombucha, anyway?” Kombucha is a fermented, slightly effervescent tea that people have been drinking for thousands of years, although it has only recently gained widespread popularity among the general US population.

Kombucha is made by adding sugar, yeast, and a culture of bacteria to black or green tea. Kombucha’s rise in popularity is due in part to the fact that it contains healthy benefits like antioxidants, antibacterial properties, and gut-healthy probiotics. The fermentation process means kombucha contains a small amount of natural alcohol, but some brewers up the alcohol content in their brews to make a healthier version of an adult beverage—you’ll see that sold as “hard kombucha”, so be sure to read labels and make sure you know which you are getting!

Interested in trying kombucha? While there are several popular brands sold at most major grocery stores, San Diego County is home to several local companies brewing their own ‘booch. Here are a few local spots serving up the tea:

Seven Seas Kombucha

9863 Pacific Heights Blvd, Suite D, San Diego, CA 92121
The founders of Seven Seas Kombucha have a background in biotech, and pride themselves on creating each flavor of their fresh, small batch flavors with scientific precision. They specialize in non-alcoholic kombucha with a light taste. Visit their tasting room for a rotating menu of new flavors.

BootStrap Kombucha

4085 Pacific Highway, Suite 105B, San Diego, CA 92110
Longtime fans of kombucha themselves, the founders of BootStrap bottled their enthusiasm for the drink to share with the public. They use high-quality ingredients and a custom-made water filtration system to ensure the health and taste of their kombucha, which comes in three varieties: Black Tea Blend, Oak Aged, & Green Tea Blend.


1477 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92103
The motto at FruitCraft is “raise a glass to good”, and there are plenty of opportunities to do just that at this Hillcrest fermentery, distillery, and restaurant, where they ferment various fruits to make kombucha, hard kombucha, cider, mead, and wine. The kombucha menu changes seasonally, and past flavors include apple cinnamon, grapefruit rosemary, and cherry basil.

JuneShine Hard Kombucha

3052 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92104
When you are in the mood for kombucha with a kick, head to JuneShine’s tasting room in North Park. The creators are environmentalists and fans of healthy living, and founded JuneShine after noticing that there were no sustainable, transparent options in the alcohol aisle. The JuneShine team upped the alcohol content in their kombucha, and only use organic ingredients in an effort to create an alcoholic drink that’s better for both the body and the planet.

Local Roots Kombucha

The Boochyard, 1495 Poinsettia Ave Unit 148, Vista, CA, 92081
Two cousins with a passion for clean eating and wellness eventually formed Local Roots to share their hard kombucha creations with others. They focus on using fresh ingredients and keeping the sugar content of each batch low. Their staple flavors include Booch Mosa, Cali Mule, and Strawberry Mimosa, but if you visit their tasting room you’ll be able to sample a selection of rotating micro-batch, experimental flavor creations as well.

Whether you like your kombucha light or with a heavier alcohol content, San Diego has many options for you to find the flavor and profile that suits your tastes!

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