10 Ways to Keep Kids Active in San Diego

It can be challenging to balance kids’ screen time with active play and creative time – especially during long stretches like summer break.

You can help keep your kids stay active with these fun, engaging, non-digital activities all summer long here in San Diego!

  1. Head to the beach

    The beach is the perfect summer spot for fun and play with the kids. Besides swimming, some great beach day activities include playing paddleball, building sandcastles, having relay races, boogie boarding or skimboarding, going for walks to collect shells and making sand angels!

  2. Go to a museum

    Check out the rotating list of Residents Free Days for Balboa Park museums. Every Tuesday of the month, a different group of museums offers free admission to all San Diego residents. Kid-friendly choices include Fleet Science Center, San Diego Air & Space Museum, San Diego Museum of Man and Centro Cultural de la Raza.

  3. Zip over to the zoo

    The San Diego Zoo is amazing year-round, but it takes on a special vibe during the summer. Longer days mean Nighttime Zoo, when it’s open until after dark. That gives you more time to explore the grounds and visit the animals, as well as enjoy spectacular performances and daily parades!

  4. Enroll in a day camp

    There are plenty of excellent day camps throughout San Diego County that offer everything from weekly to summer-long enrollment options. Even one week at day camp can do wonders to boost your child’s creativity and physical activity levels!

  5. Sign up for swim lessons

    Are your kids ready to learn to swim this summer? Affordable swim lessons are offered at many of the San Diego County public swimming pools! If you don’t need lessons, for a nominal day fee you can visit any of these 13 locations and spend the afternoon cooling off and splashing in the pool.

  6. Check out the library

    Keep your kids’ minds active over the summer with a commitment to daily reading. Head to your neighborhood San Diego library branch and browse the shelves packed with exciting reads for young children and teens. It’s free to check out all materials, and supporting your local library is a great cause!

  7. Schedule family outings

    Planning family time outdoors is a great way for everyone, not just kids, to stay active and engaged with each other. A couple of times a month, schedule a family-friendly hike, a neighborhood walk or even an overnight or weekend camping trip together!

  8. Do a home improvement project

    Use summer break to finally tackle that lingering home improvement project. Is it cleaning out the garage? Tearing down old wallpaper? Painting the bathroom? Kids love to help with these projects, which keep them active and feeling good about contributing to the family.

  9. Build a garden

    What better time of year than summer to start a garden? Whether it’s planting vegetables or flowers, building and tending to a garden is a great way for kids to learn responsibility and stay active. Even if you don’t have much outdoor space, you can get a few small planting beds for growing herbs or succulents.

  10. Visit your local park

    There are dozens of beautiful public parks in San Diego, many with incredible views. They’re the perfect areas for active kids to jump and swing on play equipment. But also consider bringing your own equipment like a frisbee, croquet set, badminton or even yoga mats.

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