Top Ways to Relax in San Diego

Balancing your family, professional life, and health can feel overwhelming at times. National Relaxation Day is a reminder to slow down, unwind, and relax. Taking a break from life’s chaos to recuperate is important for our mind and body.


Health Benefits of Relaxation:

  • Boost your immunity and decrease your risk of catching colds.
  • Reduce your risk of depression, heart disease, and infectious diseases.
  • Boost your memory. There are a number of studies that have found that there is a correlation between stress and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Think more clearly. Stress can cloud your focus and decision-making, which can impact your day-to-day life.
  • Keep away unwanted pounds. According to Harvard Medical School, stress, the hormones it unleashes and the effects of high-fat, sugary “comfort foods” push people toward overeating.


Kick Back and Relax:

  • Windansea Beach

After a long day, unwind at Windansea Beach where you’ll be at the front and center of La Jolla’s coastline. You’ll see marine life, surfers, and San Diego’s Windansea Beach Surf Shack, which is a protected historical landmark.

Scripps AMG Tip: Head here during golden hour and admire the waves crashing against the sandstone cliffs. Don’t forget a towel and picnic necessities!


  • Seaport Village

Stroll along the waterfront plaza where you’ll find 54 shops, 13 casual dining options, and four fine dining waterfront restaurants. There are many benches and grass areas for you to sit, de-stress, and take in the fresh air. If you seek music to help you relax, every weekend there’s a live band: check out their events calendar.

Scripps AMG Tip: Wear comfortable walking shoes if you plan to browse the shops.


  • Yoga Meetups

San Diego has a strong yoga community bringing a variety of different yoga environment meetups. Practicing mindfulness through yoga can result in higher serotonin levels which can, in turn, increase your feeling of fulfillment.

Scripps AMG Tip: Check out the full list of Yoga Meetups in San Diego. There are a variety of meetups such as yoga on the beach, at the park and community centers!


  • Meditation Meetups

There is a prominent meditation community throughout San Diego county and it’s obvious in the number of meetups offered. These gatherings will bring you a different experience every time, helping you think more clearly, improve self-awareness, and increase happiness.

Scripps AMG Tip: Check out the full list of Meditation Meetups in San Diego.


  • Cabrillo National Monument

Take it all in at Cabrillo National Monument which commemorates Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, the first European to set foot on the West Coast of the U.S. Take in the panoramic views of San Diego and the Pacific Ocean while you breath in fresh air!

Scripps AMG Tip: Wear comfortable shoes and don’t forget your camera to capture the moment.


San Diego offers many opportunities for you to celebrate National Relaxation Day 365 days a year. It’s important to take time for yourself and let your mind and body unwind from your everyday stresses. Scripps Affiliated Medical Groups’ Specialty doctors can help you manage your stress and find ways for you to relax.


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