Top 5 Healthy Lifestyle Tips from 2019

As we head into 2020, let’s take a look back at our five most popular articles on healthy living in 2019. Hopefully, they will inspire some ideas to help you make the New Year a healthy, happy one!

10 Dog-Friendly Hikes in San Diego

Spend some quality time—and enjoy some exercise and fresh air—with your favorite furry friend. This guide to dog-friendly hikes in San Diego not only lets you know which trails your pup is allowed to visit, but also rates the difficulty of the hike, so there won’t be any surprises when you get there. Grab your pooch and a canteen full of water, and get going! Read the full article here.

Best Spots in San Diego to Have a Meatless Meal

This article celebrated Vegan Month by recommending five restaurants in San Diego where you can get a delicious meatless meal. Whether you want to cut back on meat for health or environmental reasons, San Diego has several restaurants serving up incredible vegan fare, and these are just a few local favorites! Read the full article here.

7 Healthy Pizza Crust Alternatives

Need healthy food ideas to kick the New Year off right? Check out this article for ideas on how to make your pizza more nutritious by swapping traditional flour crust for a vegetable base. Load it up with more veggies, go light on the cheese, and you may be able to call pizza a health food! Read the full article here.

Hiking in San Diego: Safety Tips + How to Prepare

San Diego’s diverse geography offers incredible hikes along the ocean, through a national forest, into the desert and virtually everywhere in between. This article offers practical suggestions on how to prepare for a hike, and some valuable safety tips, as well. Be sure to read it before you plan your next San Diego hike! Read the full article here.

5 Reasons to Move Your Run to the Stairs

If you are looking to start a new workout routine in 2020, check out this article on the benefits of running up and down staircases. Besides usually being a free workout, there are all sorts of benefits to running stairs, like achieving faster results and improving the strength of your lungs and heart. Read the full article here.

We hope you enjoy our health tips and suggestions for living a healthy lifestyle in San Diego. Make sure to read the new articles we’ll post in 2020 at!

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