Top 10 Health Articles of 2021

It’s the end of the year again, and we’re looking back at our most-read health articles during 2021. Judging from this list, it’s clear our readers love getting outside and enjoying the scenic beauty of San Diego! You also appreciate tips on making it easy to eat healthy, and you are committed to supporting local businesses and restaurants. 

We hope these articles have helped you on your health journey this past year, and that you find them useful in the year to come!

Here are our top 10 health articles of 2021:

San Diego Seven Bridges Walk

The San Diego Seven Bridges walk takes you across a wonderful variety of “secret” bridges in Hillcrest and Banker’s Hill. Each bridge has its own unique and special history. Check out our article to learn more about the walk, and make a plan to try it out!

Best Running Trails in San Diego

It would be impossible for us to talk about all the amazing running trails in San Diego — outdoor runners in our city are very lucky to have such incredible options. Read this article if you are looking to mix up your routine and try something new. 

8 Easy One Pot Meals

Listen, we know that after a long day, it’s hard to motivate yourself to cook let alone clean up afterward. That’s why one pot meals are the best! Here are 8 easy one pot meals that take the work out of cooking and cleaning. 

Healthy Dinner Ideas in 30 Minutes

Much like with the one pot meals article listed above, we wrote this one to help you eat well even on busy days. Check out this collection of healthy meals that can be ready in less than 30 minutes. 

Senior Fitness in San Diego

San Diego has many resources for senior fitness. Learn some of the best exercises for seniors and why strength training is important as you age. We’ve also got a list of where to take classes, both in-person and online.

Shop Local: 10 San Diego Plant Stores

Green your space with beautiful plants! Plants also make great gifts. We made a list of 10 local San Diego plant stores offering a variety of plants, pots, and accessories. 

San Diego Restaurants with Healthy Takeout Options

When you don’t feel like cooking, support a local restaurant by ordering takeout. There are plenty of restaurants with healthy options all throughout San Diego county. Give yourself the night off from meal prep and support a local biz. 

7 Cuisines: Healthiest Takeout Options

If you’ve decided to order in but still want to eat healthy, that’s not a problem! Check out this article for suggestions on healthy options within seven types of cuisine. 

Healthy Drugstore Snacks

Drugstores have more healthy snack options than you may realize! Next time you are on a road trip or running errands and need a quick snack, try one of these options, all easily available at most major drugstores. 

How to Transition to a Plant-based Diet

Whether you want to go completely vegan or just get more plants in your diet, cutting back on meat and dairy can be challenging. We’ve got tips to help! 

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