Top 10 Articles on Healthy Living

It’s not an understatement to say that 2020 was the most unique year most of us have ever seen! While we all tried to stay safe and healthy, people also had to deal with a variety of new challenges facing themselves and their families. With all that in mind, we provided resources not only on physical health but ideas to improve your mental well-being as well. In case you missed them the first time, here are the most-read articles we posted in 2020, ranging from tips on things to do at home during quarantine, ways to beautify your work and living space, and general tips for healthy living. 

Where To Buy Face Masks For Your Family

When San Diego County announced that face masks would be required in public, we compiled this list of places to get masks for your whole family. If you could use some new masks, consider supporting the local designers mentioned here or in your own neighborhood. 

Cyberbullying: What You Need to Know

Between classes and virtual playdates, online interactions are the new normal. Unfortunately, the lack of in-person contact doesn’t help protect children from childhood bullying; in fact, more time online just creates more opportunities for cyberbullying. So what is cyberbullying, and what can you do about it? Learn what you need to know. 

5 Simple Tips to Feng Shui Your Home

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that operates on the premise that the universe is driven by energetic forces that can create harmony between people and their surroundings. The practice is believed to help increase health, happiness, and peacefulness — things we could all use! Check out these 5 simple tips. 

Best Places To Take Your Dog In San Diego

If you ask most dog owners, every day is Dog Day. We plan our schedules and activities around our furry friends to make sure we get to spend as much time with them as possible and to keep them happy and healthy. If you want to show your pup some extra attention, learn about these dog-friendly things to do in San Diego. 

5 Stress Relief Tips for the Whole Family

Between working and attending school from home, avoiding crowds, and taking safety precautions when you do leave the house, it’s natural if your family feels more stress and anxiety than usual. Here are 5 ideas for reducing stress in your family. 

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