The Best Apparel for Your Run in the San Diego Sun

San Diego has some of the best weather in the world for running. It’s sunny year-round, and every run is paired with incredible views.

After you slather on the sweatproof SPF, get dressed in the best apparel for a comfortable, invigorating run out in beautiful San Diego!

  • Moisture-wicking tops – To stay drier while running, invest in some lightweight tees or tank tops that are specifically designed to wick away moisture. Sweat droplets move to the outer layer of the shirt, where they quickly dry instead of saturating the fabric.
  • Supportive sports bras – Sports bras come in many styles and range from light to high-impact support. But since running is a high-impact exercise, you will likely need a different sports bra for a comfortable run than the one you wear for a casual walk or for doing some light yoga. Look for sports bras that offer breathable fabric, thick, adjustable straps and full coverage support.
  • Lightweight shorts – Choose shorts with drawstrings and a wide waistband that will stay put and won’t roll over as you move. Also make sure they’re an airy fabric like lightweight polyester or a moisture-wicking material. Avoid heavy mesh shorts like those used for soccer or basketball, as they can weigh you down and cause you to sweat more.
  • Proper running shoes – Like you, your foot is also unique. One brand of running shoe definitely does not fit all. The best way to determine which sneaker is right for you is to get a free fitting at a specialty running store or sporting goods store. This will help prevent injury and pain by making sure you have the support you need for your whole foot – ball, heel and arch.
  • Sunglasses – You need to protect your eyes against dangerous UVA and UVB rays by wearing a pair of lightweight sunglasses whenever you run. Look for an inexpensive pair made specifically for runners, which won’t bounce or slip.
  • Mini waist pack – Not to be confused with your grandmother’s fanny pack that could fit a horse inside, a runner’s mini waist pack is a small, stylish and lightweight way to carry your phone as you run. It fits right up against your body so the contents won’t bounce as you run, and it’s just big enough to also fit sunglasses, earbuds or a wallet.
  • Visor – Even breathable hats can sometimes trap heat and make you uncomfortably hot as you run. Visors can be a great alternative. They provide shade, have very adjustable straps, and allow the top of your head to air out. Plus, a visor is an excellent choice for people with longer hair who want to tie it up in a high ponytail.
  • Water bottle holder – If you like to go on longer runs out in the sun, it’s important to bring a water bottle to stay hydrated. But no one wants to clutch a water bottle as they run. Instead, try a soft, mesh water bottle holder with a breathable strap that fits securely on your hand. Many of these carriers support multiple hand positions for comfort and also include a side zip pouch where you can put keys, lip balm or your ID.
  • Supportive socks – Thick, cotton “everyday” socks are the worst for running. They trap heat and cause your sweaty feet to slide around inside your sneakers. Instead, look for tight-weave, cushioned ankle socks that won’t stretch or fall down as you run – very important factors when you’re running, especially more than a couple miles.

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