Summer Chores for Your Kids

Summer break is here!

Take advantage of summer by taking your children to new places, teaching them new things and giving them new experiences. While that mostly applies to fun activities, summer break is also an excellent opportunity to teach your kids some new helpful chores at home.

Who said summer isn’t an opportune time for growth? Instructing your children about how to carry out certain chores prepares them for adulthood and teaches them responsibility. There are plenty of chores that kids of all ages can do, and you’ll find it’s actually a lot of help once the kids get the hang of it!

Here are eight chores that you can teach your kids this summer:

  1. Lawn and landscape care

    Kids over the age of 10 can learn how to mow lawns safely. Younger kids can have the responsibility of picking up sticks and rocks from the lawn before it’s mowed. Children of all ages can learn how to water flowers and other plants, as well as how to spot and pull out weeds.

  2. Outdoor home improvement

    Does your home have anything that needs to be repainted or torn down outside? Give your kids protective gloves and maybe even safety glasses, but put them to work! They can look for loose screws on outdoor play equipment, they can help Dad find certain tools in his tool box … the opportunities are endless.

  3. Wash the car

    The hot summer weather is ideal for washing our cars, but make it a fun, family event that your kids will want to partake in. Allow your children to wear their bathing suits, give them buckets of soapy water and sponges, give your oldest child control of the hose and watch them have a blast while doing you a favor.

  4. Using the outdoor BBQ

    If your kids are old or mature enough, put some hot dogs or hamburger patties on the outside grill and teach them how to use it properly. Then, after your meal, teach them how to clean the grill so they get into the habit of cleaning up after themselves.

  5. Take out the trash

    Show your kids how to take out the trash and recycling receptacles and how to bring them back to your garage or backyard after the waste was picked up.

  6. Clean the bathroom

    You’re going to be happy you taught them this. Provide your kids with sponges, scrub brushes, paper towels and cleaning agents. Then, show them how to clean the tub, the sink, the countertops, the toilet and the mirrors. This may also teach them to minimize their messes in the bathroom.

  7. Make a grocery list

    Explain to your kids how you create a grocery list. Take them through the kitchen, fridge, pantry, bathrooms and storage closets to figure out what items are needed. Teach them about coupons and budgeting, so they’ll learn to be responsible with money.

  8. How to pack for a vacation

    If your family is planning to go on a family vacation this summer or if your children are going away to a summer camp, teach them how to pack. Show them what toiletries they need, what kind of clothes to bring and how to organize everything in a suitcase or overnight bag.

Ways to get kids excited for chores:

  • Play some of your kids’ favorite music while they’re doing their chores.
  • Designate one to three days a week as a “Chore Day,” but pair it with a super delicious dinner (like pizza or tacos) and a fun game night.
  • Hold a contest about who can finish their chore first or who can do the best job and give the winner a special reward (such as extra dessert or being able to pick what the family watches on TV that night).
  • Keep a chore chart and give a weekly or monthly winner a special treat, like taking him or her to an ice cream shop or to the movies with a friend.
  • Have an upbeat and positive attitude about teaching them how to do the chores and don’t act as if this is a punishment for them.

It’s not always easy to teach your kids new chores, but it’s necessary. Giving your kids increasing responsibility will teach them important life lessons and will prepare them for college and adulthood. Check out Scripps Affiliated Medical Groups’ articles for more helpful parenting advice and tips for the summer.

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