Scripps Experts Featured in UT Special Wonders Of Your Brain

Rene Sanchez-Mejia, MD, Scripps Clinic neurosurgeon, and Michael Lobatz, MD, neurologist and medical director of neurosciences at Scripps Health are prominently featured in the UT San Diego special Wonders Of Your Brain. Read the story Opening skull to let brain heal from stroke featuring Rene Sanchez-Mejia, MD Read the story The brain can rewire itself after an injury featuring Michael Lobatz, MD In addition, photo portraits of Joe Lima, 72, Scripps La Jolla volunteer, and Mike Sykes, 52, senior director of clinical services at Scripps La Jolla, were featured in the special. View the photos Mantra for 60+ crowd: Use it or lose it and Lots to admire in the grown-up brain
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