San Diego’s Healthiest Food Trucks

Food trucks are becoming increasingly popular, especially in cities like San Diego where mild weather makes eating outside enjoyable year-round. They’re convenient and fun—perfect for a quick lunch during the workday, a fun outing with friends and family, or a way to try something new.

Although many trucks center their menus around particularly unhealthy foods like gourmet grilled cheese and French fries, it’s not impossible to find food trucks with healthy options. Keep reading for tips on how to enjoy food truck fare in a healthy way.

What to Look For

Follow the same guidelines for healthy eating that you would at home or in a restaurant. Skip food that’s deep-fried, overly sugary, or smothered in rich sauces and cheese. Instead, try to select meals with lean protein such as meats, poultry, fish, nuts, beans, and eggs. Protein is good for your heart, helps build muscle, and keeps you feeling full for longer.

Choose meals that are accompanied by side salads and vegetables instead of fries, and bring your own water bottle so you aren’t tempted to grab a soda.

These four food trucks serve food on the lighter side, so that you can join in on the fun without sacrificing eating a healthy meal.


Organic Food Truck

At Organic Food Truck, you won’t find any GMOs, pesticides, hormones, preservatives, hydrogenated oils, or artificial flavors. What you will find is an extensive menu full of healthy—and delicious—options. Most of their menu is made up of lean proteins, like their chicken and salmon plates served with brown rice and Greek salad.

Try this: The vegan goulash, a mouth-watering medley of beans, bell peppers, onions, green beans, sweet peas, carrots, celery, and herbs. The mixture of protein and veggies will provide enough energy and nutrients to keep you feeling good for the rest of the day.


Juice Wave

Get your daily serving of fruits and vegetables in at Juice Wave, San Diego’s first organic juice truck. Juice Wave uses quality ingredients and local produce to craft tasty juices and smoothies. As an added bonus, Juice Wave is just as good for the environment as it is for you. They compost their food waste and use eco-friendly utensils and plates.

Try this: Their Liquid Emerald juice, made with kale, spinach, green apple, cucumber, lime, and ginger. Kale may reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, while ginger has anti-inflammatory qualities that can help with osteoarthritis and muscle pain.


Salt and Lime

Excellent Mexican cuisine is one of San Diego’s claims to fame, but it can be difficult to find healthy options. Salt and Lime makes it easy with fresh, lighter Mexican dishes that are full of flavor but low in carbs and calories.

Try this: Build-your-own bowls put you in control of what you’re eating. Select a protein (chicken or spicy shrimp), a base (greens or brown rice) and a topping (pickled onions, guacamole, pico de gallo, or pineapple habanero).


Urban Eats

Urban Eats crafts creative dishes with local and seasonal ingredients. They have a diverse menu, which gives you more control over what you eat. Unlike some food trucks that have one specialty, Urban Eats offers burgers, sandwiches, wraps, and salads.

Try this: Spinach salad with roasted butternut squash, candied walnuts, hard-boiled egg, caramelized fennel and balsamic vinaigrette, and their roasted vegetables, a mix of cauliflower, carrots, and Brussels sprouts with a truffled red wine honey vinaigrette.


Use these tips to try out some of San Diego’s 80+ food trucks and you’ll have a healthy and fun experience as well as a delicious meal. To learn more about following a healthy diet, contact your doctor at Scripps Affiliated Medical Groups.


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