San Diego Senior Health & Wellness Resources

As we age, it’s especially important to keep up healthy routines. Regular exercise can prevent muscle mass loss, mobility challenges, and chronic illnesses while improving general mental and emotional health. From at-home fitness activities to exercises that help maintain balance, we’ve got dozens of resources about San Diego senior health and wellness.

Here are some of our most popular articles of health and wellness tips for seniors:

Tips & Resources for Healthy Seniors

Tips For Improving Sleep in Seniors 

Older adults often find that it’s harder to go to and stay asleep. Learn why that is, and some tips for improving sleep. With a good sleep routine, you can wake up feeling refreshed!

How Nutritional Needs Change with Age

As we age, our bodies and nutritional needs change. Seniors should try to avoid empty calories and eat whole foods like nuts, beans, fish, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Learn what else seniors need to know to make sure they get the right nutrients.

7 Winter Wellness Tips For Seniors 

For many seniors, winter can be a challenging time to stay healthy and active. From how to stay active indoors to easy, healthy one-pot meals, here are 7 tips to help your health and wellness this winter!

Caregiver Resources for Families in San Diego 

For a lot of caregivers, so much of their energy goes to other people, they don’t find ways to manage their own stress and mental health. Try one of San Diego’s caregiver resources so you don’t have to go through it alone!

10 Common Health Concerns For Seniors and When to See a Doctor

Seniors must be proactive and aware of health warning signs. Learn about 10 common health concerns for seniors, including diabetes and heart disease, and when you should see a doctor. 

How Dogs Improve the Lives of Seniors

National Dog Week is a great time to look at the benefits that dogs bring to all of our lives, and particularly to the lives of seniors. Check out this article for all that, plus tips on things to consider before adopting a dog. 

Home Safety Checklist for Seniors

Our home safety checklist for seniors outlines what you need to stay protected and healthy while living independently here in San Diego. Review this list to make sure you are prepared for emergencies, so you can stay safe. 

Tips for Homebound Seniors to Stay Connected

Staying in touch and having human connection is important for people of all ages to maintain good mental health. However, many homebound seniors find it hard to stay connected and often feel isolated and lonely. Here are ways seniors can stay connected with other people even from home.

Exercise & Activities for Seniors

Exercise Tips for Seniors

Staying active is important for seniors, as it helps prevent certain diseases, reduces the risk of some cancers, and strengthens bones and muscles. Check out this article for what you need to know to ensure you are getting enough exercise.

Senior Fitness in San Diego

Seniors looking to exercise have plenty of options in San Diego. There are many classes specially tailored for seniors both in-person and online that you can do from the comfort of home. Whether you exercise regularly or are looking to start a new routine, we’ve got some ideas and places in San Diego that can help you reach your fitness goals! 

Exercises to Help Seniors Maintain Balance

As we age, balance becomes an even more crucial part of our well-being. Learn why maintaining good balance is important, and some exercises that can help. 

How to Start Exercising After a Break

No matter your reason for stopping, working out after a break can be tough. It may feel like you are starting all over again, which can be discouraging. However, it’s important to get back into a routine that feels manageable for your lifestyle. Check out these tips! 

At Home Exercises For Seniors 

Exercise for seniors prevents mobility issues and chronic illnesses while improving mental and emotional health. Try these exercises you can do at home, good for all fitness levels. 

Best Places to Walk in San Diego

Take advantage of San Diego’s natural beauty by going on a walk through one of the many local parks or campuses. Here are 4 places to walk San Diego

Senior-Friendly Parks in San Diego

Studies show that walking has many health benefits for seniors, like stronger muscles and joints, better heart health and circulation, and more. If you’re not an avid walker, consider gradually increasing the days you go for a walk outside. Start a new habit by walking in one of these lovely San Diego parks. 


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