Best San Diego Parks for Outdoor Workouts

If you love working out in the fresh air, you’re in luck — San Diego has many parks where you can go for your outdoor workout. Whether you need no equipment, bring your own gear, or are looking for parks with workout stations, you’ll find it in San Diego county. Here are some of the best San Diego parks for outdoor workouts. 

Morley Field Sports Complex

2221 Morley Field Drive, San Diego, CA 92104

Head to Morley Field near Balboa Park to work out on a fitness circuit that’s free for anyone to use. The circuit features 18 exercise stations spread out along a 2.5 mile path. Exercises include toe touches, jumping jacks, step-ups, chin-ups, sit-ups, leg raises, and more. Pair your circuit with a lap in the public swimming pool, a game of disc golf, or a friendly match on one of the park’s 25 tennis courts.

Tecolote Shores Park

1740 E Mission Bay Dr, San Diego, CA 92109

Tecolote Shores Park is a lovely place to picnic or play near the bay. Check out their outdoor fitness park containing adult-size monkey bars, parallel bars, pull-up and push-up bars, decline sit-up benches, and a fireman’s pole. 

Embarcadero Fitness Trail

Marina Park Way, San Diego, CA 92101

If you’re visiting San Diego for a convention, head to the Embarcadero fitness trail to get in a workout with a stunning view of San Diego’s bay. If you can tear your eyes away from the scenery long enough, get in some strength training on the gymnastic rings, pull up bars, parallel bars, balance beam and low bars.

The Patch in Torrey Pines

Torrey Pines High School, 3710 Del Mar Heights Rd, San Diego, CA 92130

Though the park is located at a high school, it’s open to the public. The park has equipment designed to help people have a great cardio, endurance, and strength workout. Structures are in place for step-unders and overs, crab walks, vaulting, pull-ups, and more. 

J Street Marina Bayside Park

Marina Pkwy & J St, Chula Vista, CA 91910

Enjoy a view of the bay while getting your exercise! Head to the north end of the park nearly Plover Way to find pull-up bars, an incline beam, and gymnastic rings. Need to get in some cardio? Take a friend for a game of sand volleyball or go for a walk in the bay breeze. 

Is your favorite park lacking purpose-built exercise equipment?

You can always bring your own — take a mat, jump rope, dumbbells, or resistance bands to your favorite section of the park and set yourself up for a great outdoor workout. You can also get creative and exercise using standard items usually found in a park, like these:

Monkey Bars

If your park has a playground, use the monkey bars to do pull-ups. (Don’t feel bad if any kids copy your moves but complete more reps than you!)


Use a park bench to do a variety of exercises. Do a circuit of tricep dips, step-ups, and inclined push-ups, and hey, if you need a break, you’ve got a seat right there. 


Repeatedly run or walk up and down a set of stairs for a great glute and leg workout. 


Use a railing for incline pushups, planks, or to hold for balance while doing lunges and squats.

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