How to Prepare for San Diego’s Fall Marathons

On your mark, get set, go! In San Diego, fall is a popular time to host marathons as the weather cools down. From Halloween to Veterans Day to Turkey Trots, there are many opportunities to run a marathon. Marathons may be a reason to challenge yourself, lose weight, or help raise awareness for a charity or organization you support. Whatever your purpose, hold it close and focus on your end goal!


To help you kickstart your training, we’ve compiled a few tips to ensure marathon day is a success!


1. Practice your marathon pace

It’s important to practice a reasonable pace for your marathon. Starting off too fast will burn your energy early on in the marathon. Practice a steady pace throughout your run, which will ensure that your energy isn’t gone in the first few minutes. If this is your first marathon, practice long-distance runs. You need to get used to being on your feet and moving for a few hours. Don’t forget to include walk breaks!


2. Listen to your body

Avoid overtraining and overdoing your workouts. Pushing your body past its limits is dangerous and will lead to injuries. It’s important to remember that you don’t have to train seven days a week. Train smart a few times during the week and allow your body to recover. If you feel like an injury might be developing, stop training and consult with your Scripps Affiliated Medical Groups physician for an early diagnosis.


3. Clothes & shoes

Check out your shoes, socks, and clothing that you plan to wear for training and on marathon day. Make sure that the shoes you plan to wear are comfortable, lightweight, and provide good support. Wear the shoes during a few hours of training so that you get the feel for your shoes before marathon day. It’s also important to choose the right clothes for your marathon. We recommend staying away from cotton and instead choosing performance fabric such as CoolMax or DriFit which will keep moisture away from your skin.


4. Balanced & nutritious diet

Eating clean and healthy will impact your performance on marathon day. Choose a diet that includes a lot of liquids, healthy carbohydrates such as oatmeal, and good fats with omega-3’s, such as fish. Make sure to always fuel up with breakfast such as oatmeal, yogurt, and/or a breakfast smoothie before training and the day of the marathon.


5. Sleep

This is important during your training months leading up to the marathon. Sleep helps your body recover, builds and repairs muscle, mental clarity, and strengthens your immune system. A good night’s rest will improve your performance during training and help you maintain energy throughout your run.


San Diego offers many marathons throughout the county, so choosing the right one can be a bit overwhelming. If this is your first marathon, consider the length and running path. Flat, short marathons may be the best starting point. Eventually you will build your endurance and strength to conquer the more difficult paths.


Before starting any strenuous training routine, it’s important to check with your Scripps Affiliated Medical Groups physician to make sure you’re healthy and ready for a marathon!

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