Food Trends: Pre-made Mocktails

Part of the fun of going out is trying new drinks. The rich and complex taste of a new wine or craft beer is a relaxing way to end your workweek, and the palate-pleasing mix of a new cocktail in a fancy glass is part of the ambiance of a fun night out. If you choose not to imbibe, however, your choices in non-alcoholic drinks can be pretty dismal — especially if you’re at a gathering at someone’s house. In the past, sober individuals usually got stuck with the boring three: soft drinks, juice, or sparkling water. 

Luckily, this may soon become a thing of the past. Thanks to the recent trend of sober and sober-curious individuals looking to lower their alcohol intake, there’s a variety of fun and exciting non-alcoholic pre-made  mocktails now on the market. 

So why choose a store-bought pre-made mocktail instead of making your own? Not only is it easier, but many are packed with healthy fermented ingredients like kombucha or natural herbs and adaptogens to achieve a relaxing effect without the hangover. 

When trying these exciting new mocktails, be aware that many contain various herbs. If you’re taking medications, certain herbs may counteract with your prescriptions. Always check with your pharmacist or doctor before consuming herbal supplements to make sure there won’t be any conflicts. 

Here are just a few of the pre-made mocktails available for you to try. 

Non-Alcoholic Beer, Wine, and Seltzers


What they offer: Gruvi has a trio of faux wine selections. You have a choice of white secco, dry red, or you can rosé all day with their bubbly pink blend. They also have a variety of beers that range from light to dark. Many of their non-alcoholic blends contain little-to-no-gluten, low sugar content, and low calories. All of their products are also vegan.
Price range: $23.00-$140.00 

Humm Kombucha

What they offer: Do you love a good hard seltzer? Humm offers a line of probiotic sodas and seltzers that contain zero sugar, zero calories, and gives you a fruity kick that normal sparkly water lacks. Their products are also keto-friendly and some are Whole 30-approved.
Price Range: $11.00-$36.00
(If you’re looking for a local San Diego kombucha, check out Where to Find Kombucha in San Diego.)

Hard Liquor Dupes


What they offer: If you’re a whisky connoisseur, or love a good martini, finding an alcohol substitute can be difficult. Lyre’s understands that sometimes you just want the taste of a nice, stiff drink without the fuzzy head and hangover. They have 12 different hard liquor-inspired non-alcoholic drinks, as well as premixed options. These allow you to enjoy the taste and flavor of your favorite hard liquor without the side effects.
Price range: They start at around $35 a bottle, and they offer convenient sets for additional savings.


What they offer: Ritual offers gin, tequila, rum, and whisky alternatives. The attractive bottles will fit in perfectly with your bar decor.
Price range: Around $30 a bottle, but they offer subscribe and save options and they have a rewards program. 


Curious Elixirs 

What they offer: If you reach for alcohol at the end of a long day, Curious Elixirs may provide you with the perfect alternative stress relief. Their herbal blends contain adaptogens that can help you unwind even when you have designated driver duty. They also offer limited edition drinks and their Curious Cocktail Club allows you to try a variety pack each month.
Price Range: $33-$115


What they offer: Their gorgeous, Gatsby-esque style cocktail kits give you all of the ritzy elegance of a first-class cocktail without the booze. They’re perfect for both a fancy dinner party or a casual get-together with friends.
Price Range: You can opt for a kit (between $50-$125.00), or buy by the bottle. Subscribe and save options are available, and you get a discount if you buy in bulk. 

Non-alcoholic cocktails can really help take the edge off when you’re trying to limit your intake.  Check out this article for more ideas on how to drink responsibly at parties, and bars that offer mocktails in San Diego.

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