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A child holding his hands up with paint all over them, celebrating National Craft Month

National Craft Month: Spark Creativity With These Fun Family-Friendly Crafts

March is National Craft Month, so use this as an opportunity to pick at least one day that you will spend engaging in arts and crafts with your kids by using scraps found in your home.

Arts and crafts isn’t just a way to pass the time or a fun way to use up scraps of paper, fabric and other art supplies. There are many advantages to children participating in arts and crafts.

Benefits of arts and crafts activities with your kids:

  • Bilateral coordination
  • Fine motor coordination
  • Self-control and patience
  • Stimulates creativity
  • Increases self-esteem
  • Helps families bond

Looking for arts and crafts projects? We’ve selected six fun ones:

1. Stick puzzle reusing gift wrap

This is a clever way to use cute holiday wrapping paper scraps. Surely a craft for kids of all ages, this activity turns popsicle sticks into a puzzle. The bigger the wrapping paper scrap, the bigger and more challenging the puzzle will be.

2. No-sew scrap doll

If you have a lot of fabric scraps laying around, then this is a great project for your family! Children of all ages can cut and assemble these easy-to-make dolls with their favorite fabric scraps, then give them away as gifts, put on a play for the family or add them to the toy chest.

3. Art with recycled Christmas cards

Whether you want to repurpose holiday cards you received or unused cards that you have laying around your house, this is a fun activity that will surely spark your little artists’ creativity.

4. Colorful kite

With sticks, glue, paper, scraps and other arts and crafts items you probably have at home, your kids can create their own kite that matches their personality or interests. Wait for a windy day, then take your family to the park to show off their beautiful homemade kites.

5. Milk carton bird feeder

Teach your kids how to transform an empty milk carton into a homemade bird feeder. Decorate it with leftover buttons, scraps and ribbons to help it stand out and look adorable in your yard.

6. Fabric scrap mini messenger bag

If you have older children who know how to sew, then this could be a fun and rewarding activity for them! Use fabric scraps and a sewing machine to build a cute little messenger bag. They can give it away as a gift or use it themselves.

Engaging in arts and crafts activities helps to broaden children’s creativity, teaches them skills and also serves as a bonding opportunity for parents and their children or even for older siblings and their younger siblings. If you’re looking for more fun ways to spend time with your kids, check out Scripps Affiliated Medical Groups’ articles.

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