New Treatment Options for Allergy-Sufferers

With allergy season still in full swing, many allergy-sufferers are searching for new ways to effectively treat their symptoms. San Diego is getting it particularly hard this season. “Unlike areas of the country that have below-freezing temperatures during the winter,” Erinn Hutkins of the Union Tribune explains in the article below, San Diego’s nearly year-round sunshine and typically mild seasons are big contributors to the problem. The great news is that there are several new treatment options to consider. According to many Allergists, allergy shots are among the most effective treatment options available. Dr. Kusum Sharma, an Allergist at San Diego’s AKANE Institute, explains that in the long run these shots could potentially “save you money and improve your quality of life.” The downside is that most patients require a once-a-month shot for about three to five years, depending on the severity of the allergies. If you’re not keen on the idea of such a commitment, there are also many oral treatments available. One of the newer options is grass and ragweed pills, which patients begin taking daily about three months before allergy season begins. Always consult your physician for the best treatment options for you. For a full list of Allergist and Immunology specialists in your area, please click here.

New Treatments for Allergies are Nothing to Sneeze At

By Erinn Hutkin, Special to U-T San Diego May 27, 2014 Immunotherapy or allergy shots According to Dr. Kusum Sharma, of San Diego’s AKANE Institute for Allergy, Asthma and Sleep Medicine, allergy shots are a proven and FDA-approved “disease modifying” option that can be considered a cure for allergies. “Allergy shots may actually save you money and improve your quality of life,” she said. In fact, she said a recent study showed that allergy shots reduced the total health care costs in children with hay fever by one-third, while shrinking prescription costs by 16 percent. She said shots have also been shown to reduce the progression to asthma in children with allergies. Click here to read more… Original Post By: U-T San Diego

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