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father and son exercising in San Diego for Father's Day

Men’s Health Month: Healthy Activities to do With Your Dad for Father’s Day

June is Men’s Health Month—a time to promote awareness of preventable men’s health issues as well as the detection and treatment of disease. Men and boys across the country are encouraged to get check-ups, screenings, and regular medical attention. Help spread the word by wearing blue on Friday, June 16th!

June is also the month that we celebrate our dads and thank them for all they’ve done for us! Celebrate Father’s Day and Men’s Health Month all in one by planning a day of healthy activities to do with your dad. Quality time together is the best possible gift to get dad this year, so here are some active, family-friendly activities that will be good for both you and your father.

1. Fishing. Fishing is a classic pastime to enjoy with Dad. It teaches patience, concentration, and precision. Fishing also gives you a reason to enjoy some relaxing time on the water. The quiet, peaceful atmosphere will give you and your dad plenty of time to catch up.

2. Golf. Golf is the perfect activity to do with your father no matter what your experience level is.  If you are both expert golfers, play a round together at your favorite course for Father’s Day! If you’ve never golfed before or you’re a little rusty, hit the driving range and let your dad give you a few pointers.

3. Go-karts. Whether you are a kid or just enjoy acting like one, go-karting is a good chance to let loose and simply have fun together. This activity is especially great for dads with a great sense of humor.

4. Hiking. Whether your dad is a mountain climber or a couch potato, taking him for a hike is another great Father’s Day plan. San Diego has many great places to hike, and hiking is one of the healthiest things you can do together—benefits include stronger muscles and a lowered risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. Plus, the feeling of accomplishment when you reach the end of the trail or the top of the mountain is something you’ll be able to share and look back on!

5. Paintball. Shoot guns in a safe way during an afternoon of paintball. Not only is a game of paintball great physical exercise, but coming up with strategies will work out your brain too. You and your dad will have to work together, and what’s better for bonding than teamwork?

6. Bowling. Flex those muscles! Take Dad to a bowling alley on Father’s Day. Go head to head to see who comes out on top—winner buys celebratory ice cream for both of you!

7. Water sports. In June, the water warms up while the weather stays pleasantly mild. San Diego offers a long list of water activities.: Surfing, sailing, kayaking, swimming, jet skiing, canoeing, paddle boarding, parasailing… choose your dad’s favorite. 

8. Camping. Escape from daily responsibilities, city lights, and polluted air. Plan a Father’s Day camping trip with dad. Studies show that spending time in nature can make you healthier and happier! Plus, putting down the smartphones and laptops will give you and your father some uninterrupted bonding time.


Enjoying a fun and healthy Father’s Day is a great way to celebrate Men’s Health Month, but remember that men’s (and women’s!) health should be a priority all year long. Scripps Affiliated Medical Groups has over 850 doctors in San Diego County – encourage the men in your life to make an appointment today.


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