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Family goes on a road trip in San Diego

5 Little Known Scenic Drives in San Diego

Have you ever caught yourself wishing for a mini getaway? Taking a vacation doesn’t have to be by planes, trains, or boats. Road trips are the perfect way to explore the city around you while enjoying the beauty of nature. Here is a list of five scenic drives you can explore without leaving San Diego!

#1: Lemon Grove

If you love reservoirs and the view of the mountains, this drive is perfect for you. The drive begins near Lemon Grove at the junction of HWY 54 and HWY 125. From there, follow HWY 125 north to enjoy two miles of some of California’s best fishing and hiking at the Sweetwater Reservoir and Mount Helix. Along the way, there are numerous recreational areas, state parks, beaches, historic parks, state reserves, and many other excursions to safely enjoy when they re-open.

#2: Lake Henshaw Drive

If you love mountain views and fishing, this drive is ideal for you. You can get started on this drive on CA-67 that will lead you to CA-78. The hour-and-a-half trip is full of coastal, mountain, and valley views. When it’s safe to do so, enjoy excursions such as hiking, fishing, biking, and boating. You can learn more about Lake Henshaw here.

#3: Sunrise Scenic Drive

If you love nature and open valleys, this drive is best for you! The drive begins at the intersection of I-8 and County Road S-1. The route travels through Cleveland National Forest and showcases the stunning Laguna Beach Recreation Area. The drive is known for the breathtaking views of mountain meadows and wide panoramas.

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#4: Cabrillo Freeway

If you love the view of the city and historical areas, this drive is optimal for you. The drive begins at Route 163-Cabrillo Freeway, traveling to the south boundaries of Balboa Park and to the north boundaries of downtown San Diego. This drive also showcases a variety of popular San Diego activities, including the zoo, various restaurants, themed gardens, and historic buildings.

#5: La Jolla Indian Campground

If you love adventure and hidden oases, this drive is perfect for you. Begin on the CA-163 North that will lead you to CA-76. Enjoy an hour and ten minutes of picturesque views and popular family activities such as ziplining, tubing, and biking that you can safely enjoy once they’re-open again. You can find out more about La Jolla Indian Campground here.

Living in one of the most beautiful places in the country, there’s a perfect road trip for everyone! To learn more about healthy living in San Diego, visit

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