7 San Diego Activities for Last Day of Summer

It’s hard to believe that the last day of summer is already upon us. Fortunately, San Diego usually stays nice and toasty into October, making it the perfect time to squeeze in some late-summer fun on the last day of the season.

Try these great family activities to bid adieu to summer before you transition into fall!

1. Swim with the leopard sharks

If you didn’t get a chance to go snorkeling with the leopard sharks in La Jolla this year, you still have time! The leopard shark migration lasts through the end of September and some years into October. Book a snorkeling tour or rent kayaks, and experience these fascinating creatures up-close and personal.

2. Have a beach day + a bonfire night

There may not be anything more quintessentially San Diegan than going to the beach. On the final day of summer, take a trip back to your favorite beach – or check out a new one – and relax the day away with your toes in the sand. Pack a warm sweater and some tasty food to enjoy a fabulous bonfire after the sun sets.

3. Dine outdoors during Restaurant Week

San Diego Restaurant Week is back from September 22-29! Wave good-bye to summer with a wonderful family dinner outdoors. Choose a participating restaurant with patio seating and enjoy a delicious meal together while saving money.

4. Take a coastal hike at sunset

Hiking at sunset is one of the most beautiful and satisfying activities San Diego has to offer. Choose a hiking trail along the coastline that offers incredible sunset views. Go on a family adventure to kiss summer good-bye as the sky turns a radiant pink, purple and orange over the sea!

5. Plan a backyard getaway with smores

Who says you have to go into the woods or desert to pitch a tent and sleep under the stars? You can just as easily have a fun family camping getaway right in your backyard! Get out the tents, roll out the sleeping bags and stoke the campfire for s’mores.

6. Plunge into a pool day-cation

Many local San Diego hotels and resorts offer affordable day passes to soak up some sun and make a splash in their pools, hot tubs and/or spas. Treat the family to a mini day-cation for one last summer go ‘round of pool games, laughter, and great memories.

7. Do the one thing you didn’t get to do over the summer

Most of us have big plans for the summer. But there’s always one special activity or event that we just didn’t get around to doing. Make the final day of summer the day you cross that awesome experience off your list!

8. Have a yard sale

Maybe you also didn’t get around to some of those summer projects like cleaning out the garage or the kids’ closets. Why not host an end-of-summer yard sale? It can be lucrative, fun and fulfilling. Also, doing the yard sale set-up and painting advertisement signs with the kids can be a fun family crafting activity as well.

For more great family-friendly tips and activities all year long, take a look through Scripps Affiliated Medical Groups’ articles.

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