How to Get Motivated to Work Out

Everyone knows you should exercise regularly to improve your long-term health and wellness. Even knowing this, figuring out how to get motivated to work out, and stay motivated, can be challenging for many people. It’s easy to find reasons to choose the couch over a workout — long work days, family obligations, or lack of time are just a few. If you’ve been wanting to start a workout routine, or re-commit to the one you’ve been doing, keep reading for workout motivation tips! 

Have Clear Goals

Set goals for yourself. These can be both short term and long term, and may include things like number of days you’ll work out, types of exercises you want to do and how often, or an improvement you’d like to see in areas like strength, flexibility, sleep, weight, or stress levels. If you need some tips on goal setting, read our article here

Find a Reason Other than Your Fitness Goals

When it comes to staying motivated to workout, people often focus on the achievement of their fitness goals. However, sometimes it’s just not enough. On days like that, find another reason to get in some exercise. For instance, maybe you can take a long walk while picking up dry cleaning or groceries. Or, maybe working out gives you the alone time you need to feel recharged and present for your family. Thinking of other benefits besides fitness goals may be just what you need to get motivated! 

Turn Working Out Into a Treat

When trying to gather the motivation to workout, think about how you can make it more pleasurable. Maybe there’s a new album, audiobook, or podcast you’ve been wanting to listen to but can’t seem to make the time — put it on and listen while you walk, run, or strength train at home. If there’s a park you love, or a trail surrounded by pretty trees, get your workout in while enjoying your favorite scenic view. 

Have Fun

You don’t have to spend hours in a gym, doing cardio on a machine you hate to get in a good workout. Join an adult league to play your favorite sport, take online dance classes, or go for long walks at the beach while listening to your favorite music. Physical activity doesn’t have to be a boring grind, and once you find something you enjoy, you’ll be more likely to happily do it again, and even look forward to it.

Give Yourself a Pep Talk

If your friend wasn’t in the mood to work out what would you say to them? Would you remind them how a workout will give them more energy, or a much-needed mental boost? Maybe you’d remind them that 30 minutes of light exercise can have a huge affect on their long-term well-being. Now, give yourself the same talk you’d give a friend…after all, if you already believe it to be true, it won’t be hard to convince yourself.

Plan a Reward

While better health and fitness is its own reward, sometimes you need something tangible to help get motivated to work out. Set goals and when you achieve them, reward yourself with something nice. For instance, you could aim to work out three times a week for a month, and when you do, treat yourself to a movie, new gym shoes, or anything else that will motivate you to keep moving.

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