Find the Right Shoes for Your New Running Routine

Many people make fitness a goal at the beginning of a new year, and for some of them, starting a new running routine is how they plan to achieve it! While there are many factors first-time runners should consider, an important one is making sure you have the correct shoe to support you in your new endeavor. A shoe will feel and perform differently for each person, depending on your running style, and if you are new to running, you may not know what that is yet. While choosing a shoe for the first time can be confusing, these tips should help you get moving in no time!

Get a Shoe Designed for Where You’ll Be Running

  • Outdoor Trails
    Trail-running shoes have tread that will provide traction on runs over rocks, dirt or mud, and other natural outdoor surfaces. They are specially designed to offer ankle support and stability over this kind of terrain.
  • Roads and Sidewalks
    Road-running shoes are designed for hard surfaces such as cement and hard packed surfaces. They are usually lightweight, and will cushion the foot during the repetitive movements hitting hard surfaces.
  • Treadmill at the Gym
    Cross-training shoes are a good option for the gym, but really, you can use the same shoes you use on trails or roads, it depends on your preference and what feels good.

Tips for Finding the Right Shoe

Once you know the type of shoe you’ll need (trail, road, or cross-trainers), next you’ll need to find the shoe with the right fit and support for you.

  • Visit a store in-person rather than shopping online in order to try things on and talk to experts. Stores catering to runners in San Diego include Milestone Running, Just Run, REI, and Road Runner Sports. Most offer a free gait analysis and personalized fitting.
  • Shoe sizes vary by manufacturer, and even from one style to another within the same brand, so you may need a half or full size larger or smaller than your usual size. If ordering online, find a retailer that allows free returns so you can easily exchange anything that doesn’t fit properly.
  • Feet normally swell a little during your daily routine, so try shoes on at the end of the day, when your feet are at their largest. This will help ensure you don’t buy something that will be tight on your after-work runs!
  • Try shoes on with the socks you’ll wear while running to get an accurate feel.
  • Shoes tend to wear out every 300 – 450 miles, so make sure you plan on replacing your shoes before the tread wears down or the support gives out.
  • Looks matter! While the color and style of the shoe may not help with support or function, when you like the way something looks, you’ll be more inspired to put them on, and sometimes that is an important factor in getting moving!

Use these tips to find the right shoe for you, get running, and you’ll reach your New Year’s goals in no time!

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