How To Celebrate Halloween At Home

If you’re spending Halloween at home this year, there are lots of ways you can make the holiday special for your family (or for just you — we know adults without kids love Halloween too!)  even if you aren’t going out.

Here are some fun things you can do when celebrating Halloween at home!

Candy Blind Tasting

Host a curated candy tasting! Dice chocolate bars and candy into bite-size pieces and have the kids taste each and write down their guesses for what treat they are tasting. Whoever gets the most right gets a prize!

Spooky Camping

Pop a tent in the living room — or build a blanket and pillow fort — for a night of indoor camping. Complete the space with Halloween decorations, and pile in for an evening of spooky stories told over an LED candle. 

Dance Party

It used to be a bit of a challenge to come up with a Halloween playlist that goes beyond Monster Mash or Thriller, but now you can find playlist suggestions easily on the internet or apps like Spotify. Find a playlist that appeals to your age group, put on your costumes, and have a dance party!

Face Painting

You can pick up inexpensive face painting kits at any store that sells Halloween supplies, so grab a few and let the kids paint themselves, each other, and you! You don’t need to follow the decorations on the kit, either – have fun issuing challenges to paint portraits of family members, a favorite superhero motif, or anything silly that comes to mind. This can be so much fun that you might want to buy extra kits to use on rainy days!

Watch Scary (or not so scary) Movies

There’s nothing like a classic scary movie night! It’s easy to find something for any age group streaming online — while older children may have strong opinions on what they’d like to watch, here’s a list of the best scary movies for younger kids

Costume Parade

Even if you aren’t socializing with the neighbors right now, there’s no reason the family can’t dress up and show off their costumes! Throw a socially distancing parade up your driveway, or down the street, whatever feels most comfortable. If you are friends with your neighbors, let them know you are coming so they can enjoy your Halloween costumes from a safe distance. 

Scavenger Hunt

Trick-or-Treating may not be on the agenda this year, but you can still make collecting candy fun for the kids. Hide candy or prizes around the house with clues to help them find the next piece. If you need some inspiration, check out this website for ideas.

Party with Your Friends Online

Have a party online! Gather family and friends over Zoom, Skype, Webex or any video conferencing program and show off costumes, have a candy tasting, or enjoy a dance party together! It may not be what everyone is used to, but being together — even apart — is all that matters. 

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