His heart is in his work

Scripps Mercy cardiologist has spent 40 years healing hearts

Scripps Mercy Hospital celebrates its 125th anniversary today, and cardiologist Jerrold Glassman has been healing hearts there for 40 of those years. Glassman, 64, moved to San Diego from New Jersey for medical training in 1975, attracted by the mild California weather. In all those years, he’s watched the field of cardiology expand to adopt new, lifesaving procedures that he never imagined as a young doctor four decades ago. And Scripps Mercy’s role as a faith-based hospital allowed doctors and staff to care for patients’ hearts and souls together. In his first year there, he asked a nurse, who also happened to be a nun, to help with an IV procedure. Instead she gave him the needle and stated that they would do it together: while he found the vein, she would pray for success. Forty years later, the Mission Hills resident still aims to keep faith with his patients, visiting them in the hospital every day that he’s in town. Read the San Diego Union-Tribune article:  His heart is in his work

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