Hiking in San Diego

San Diego’s year-round great weather plus an abundance of hiking trails makes it the perfect place to get outside and enjoy nature. Hiking is a favorite form of exercise for many people of all ages, so we’ve provided numerous resources on where to go, and how to stay safe. Below is a list of our top hiking in San Diego articles — maybe they’ll inspire you to get out and enjoy one of the many hiking trails that make San Diego special!

Hiking in San Diego: Safety Tips + How to Prepare

If you are new to hiking, there are several things to keep in mind to make sure you stay safe and have a wonderful experience. Drinking lots of water, knowing where to find care in case of an emergency, and applying sunscreen often are just a few important tips. This article provides a list of hiking safety tips, along with advice for how to prepare for a great hike. Even if you are a regular hiker, review this list before your next adventure to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything important. 

Top Hiking Trails in San Diego County

This list of hiking trails is one of our most-read articles, thanks to the useful information it offers about seven of San Diego’s most popular hiking trails. Learn what you need to know about hiking Mt. Woodson, Iron Mountain Trail, Cowles Mountain, Los Penasquitos Canyon Trail, Cabrillo National Monument, Torrey Pines State Reserve, and Cedar Creek Falls. 

7 Family-Friendly Day Trip Hikes from San Diego

If you and the family want to get out of town, there are so many excellent hikes within just a short drive of San Diego County. This article gives you the scoop on seven different hikes, including hikes in Idyllwild, Anza-Borrego, Laguna Beach, and more. Pack some water and snacks, and hit the road to enjoy the great variety of scenic views Southern California has to offer.

10 Dog-Friendly Hikes in San Diego

Who doesn’t love spending time outdoors with their favorite pooch? Luckily, San Diego has plenty of hiking trails that allow dogs. No matter which hike you choose, be sure to take enough water for you and your pooch, keep your dog leashed, and always hike within your dog’s physical limits. We’ve got more tips, along with suggestions for 10 dog-friendly hikes, here

Best Spots in San Diego to Hike After Dark

If you’re a night owl, or appreciate quiet time under the stars, an after-dark hike may be for you. Hiking in the dark may sound like a scary proposition at first, but as the nights get warmer, it’s the perfect opportunity to see San Diego in a whole new light. Here are five trails that offer a whole new view after dark. (Also, see the next listing for tips on stay safe on your night hike!)

Safety Tips for Night Hiking in San Diego

Hiking in the dark isn’t for everyone, but if you like to go out when the trails are less crowded and offer better star-gazing, be sure to follow some guidelines to stay safe. Some things to keep in mind are packing extra lights, being prepared for increased wildlife activity, and sticking to familiar trails. Here is a list of tips to help you stay safe on your evening hikes

Best Places to Walk in San Diego

Walking is an excellent form of exercise that can improve heart health, lower blood sugar, and improve mental health. Take advantage of San Diego’s excellent weather by going on a stroll through one of our county’s many stunning parks or campuses. We suggest some unique and breathtaking walks that would make anyone excited to exercise. 

San Diego Seven Bridges Walk

Do you know about San Diego’s Seven Bridges Walk? It’s a fun 5.5 mil urban hike throughout central San Diego that takes you over seven historic bridges. If you’re ambitious, you can make a day and hike the whole thing! When you need a break, stop at one of the many bars and restaurants you’ll pass along the route. You can also drive from one bridge to another, or spread the walks over different days. Read this article to learn about each bridge, where to find them, and how to plan your route. 

Best Bike Trails in San Diego

Ok, this article isn’t about hiking exactly, but it does list some trails you may want to explore. This is also helpful should you decide to ditch your hike and ride off on two wheels instead. Check it out to learn about the various bike trails and helpful things to know, like if they are kid-friendly or have bike rentals nearby.

Best San Diego Beaches for Running

Run, hike, swim, you can do it all at San Diego’s beautiful beaches. If you prefer, slow it down and go for a nice walk instead. Walking in the sand makes for a challenging calf workout, too! Check out this article for safety reminders and a list of some of the most beautiful San Diego beaches for your next walk.

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