Healthy After-School Snacks for Kids

Kids have headed back to school, which means after-school activities are in full swing. Extracurricular activities are a healthy way for kids to spend their time, whether they are involved in a social activity or sports. However, many kids run out of steam toward the end of the day, and need extra fuel to help them power through. The best snacks for kids provide them with the energy they need, are convenient to pack, and keep kids performing their best.

Snacks for After School Athletics: Energize & Hydrate

Snacks that provide hydration and energy are best for kids that participate in athletics after school. Here are a few healthy options to keep them going through half-time:

  • Oranges: Oranges are durable and will survive being stuffed in a backpack or locker all day. They also give kids a boost of vitamin C for energy, and are full of juice for hydration.
  • String Cheese: Cheese gives kids a quick boost of protein, which their muscles need for recovery. It also sneaks in some calcium to strengthen their bones, which are under stress during exercise. String cheese is a good option because it is self-contained and requires no utensils or clean-up.
  • Trail Mix: Find a trail mix with raisins to give kids a healthy boost of sugar for energy, and nuts such as peanuts and almonds to give them fat and protein that will provide energy longer.

Snacks for Academics: Feed Your Child’s Focus

If your kids are participating in academic clubs and activities after school, focus on snacks that will help them concentrate. Here are a few snacks for kids that are easy to pack and should survive through the day.

  • Blueberries: The powerful punch of antioxidants in blueberries can help stimulate the flow of blood to the brain and have been shown to boost focus.
  • Bananas: Bananas are easy to pack and to eat on the go. Their healthy superpower is in potassium, which is an essential mineral to the well-being of your brain, nerves, and heart.
  • Nuts: Aside from the protein mentioned above, nuts are rich in the antioxidant vitamin E, essential oils, and amino acids. This cast of healthy characters all contribute to help your child’s focus. They are also easy to pack and durable enough to withstand a long day in your child’s bag.

Snacks for Social Activities: Share & Engage

Many children use their after-school time for social activities and playtime with their friends. Social interaction is a critical component to a well-rounded, healthy child. Here are a few snacks for kids that will keep them from fizzling out when they are with their friends.

  • Sweet Potato Chips: Sweet potato chips are a healthy, delicious, and easy-to-share snack that are perfect for after-school playtime. They contain iron, which helps support a healthy immune system, and are high in Vitamin D, which plays an important role in energy level, mood, and strong bones.
  • Popcorn: Popcorn is a great snack to get kids through the day. It is fun to share, and high in fiber and antioxidants. The fiber will keep your kids feeling full, while the antioxidants will boost their immune system. Just be sure to keep it healthy and skip the sugar and butter.
  • Baby Carrots: Not only are baby carrots easy to pack and share, they boost kids’ immune systems. They are packed full of Vitamin C, which sends white blood cells into motion, a key component to increasing immunity.

Kids have a demanding schedule when it comes to school and play. Keep them feeling their best all day by feeding their needs and providing them with the right snacks. If you have questions about the right diet for your child, contact your doctor at Scripps Affiliated Medical Groups today!

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