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Revamping Your Home Office For Work And Play

Working from home was once considered a luxury. But now it’s the new normal. If you’re looking to revamp your home workspace to be more functional, but also vibrant and fun, follow these great suggestions! You’ll have a refreshed workspace that you love in no time.

Create a mood board

A mood board is basically a collage of ideas, images, and colors that you find inspiring for your home office. It’s a great way to establish how you want your workspace to look and feel. You can create a mood board digitally on a platform like Pinterest, or physically with magazine cut-outs or print-outs.

Paint a chalkboard wall

Whether you’re brainstorming or just doodling, chalkboards are a fun way to map visual projects and find inspiration. Buy a can of chalkboard paint and make a chalkboard of any size to jazz up your home office wall.

Populate it with plants

Plants improve our mood and state of mind. They can also increase happiness, productivity, and job satisfaction, which makes them a perfect addition to any workspace. Start with hardy plants that don’t require much light or water, like succulents, spider plants, and bromeliads.

Invest in a standing up desk

We’ve all heard the news that sitting isn’t good for our health. An adjustable sit-to-stand desk is a fantastic way to alternate between sitting and standing throughout your work day. You’ll stay more alert, burn more calories, and put less pressure on your back and spine. Impromptu dance parties are also welcome!

Look for cool, unusual elements to add

Lots of folks have kitschy or nostalgic items packed away somewhere. Break them out, or visit your local vintage store, to add some cool and fun elements to your workspace. Things like antique glass bottles, wind-up toys, or even a funky end table will make your home office unique, just like you.

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Stay organized

“Tidy office, tidy mind.” Marie Kondo is right. That random stuff laying around can really jam up your happiness and productivity. Buy some inexpensive, attractive cubbies or shelves with storage bins that keep clutter out of sight and mind.

Get the right light

The right desk lamp is a staple in revamping your office. Its soft glow gives your work environment that warm, cozy feeling that can help you feel more mellow and less stressed while keeping your workspace properly lit to reduce eye strain and fatigue. Keep in mind you don’t have to choose a traditional desk lamp. A beautiful living room lamp works, too!

Bump your tunes on quality speakers

Music can help you relax and get energized while also improving your productivity. Having quality speakers in your office lets you cue up your ideal mood music to either tackle some work or enjoy a break.

Have a yoga mat handy

Even if you don’t practice yoga, you’ll still benefit from having a yoga mat on hand. Roll it out whenever you feel like you’ve hit a wall and need a break. Beyond doing yoga, you can use it to stretch, meditate, or take a power nap. When you’re finished, you’ll feel more clear-headed and ready to go on with your day.

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