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Family Vacation Tips for a Ski Trip to Big Bear

What better way to start off 2019 than a fun family ski trip? Less than three hours from San Diego, Big Bear is a hassle-free and affordable destination that will let you skip buying expensive plane tickets and still give you a chance to experience some snow! Read on for suggestions on how to make this ski trip one of your best family trips yet.


Why Skiing is Good for You and Your Family

Both skiing and snowboarding have incredible health benefits! After being cooped up and indulging in all that rich holiday food, your whole family will relish some outdoor activity. Here are some health benefits that come from skiing:

  • Skiing strengthens your joints and bones.
  • It’s a great workout: you’ll get some cardio, up your balance and strength, and build muscles in your legs and core.
  • You’ll be releasing endorphins and feeling happier.
  • Sunlight, fresh air, and beautiful mountain scenery will banish seasonal affective disorder (SAD), stress, and anxiety.
  • It’s fun!


Before You Go

Where Are You Staying?

Big Bear has many different lodging options. Before your trip, research which places will best fit your family’s needs. If you have a larger family, consider renting a cabin or condo, as the larger spaces will give you a little more freedom. If you’ll have a kitchen, bring food or go grocery shopping when you arrive so you can have a few meals at home, which is healthier and less expensive than eating out.


Get Packing

Several weeks before your trip, make a list of everything you and your family will need so that you have enough time to pack and purchase supplies. Remember that you may need items such as gloves, earmuffs, ski pants and jackets, and snow boots. Decide if it’s more cost-effective to buy or rent your snow gear.


Know Where You’re Going

Make sure your phones and GPS are charged up before your ski trip, and bring along a map in case you lose service in the mountains. Check out Big Bear’s driving tips before you leave—it can be a little trickier in the winter months.


Ski Together

Snow Summit and Bear Mountain are Big Bear’s two resorts. Though both accommodate all levels of skiers and snowboarders, families may enjoy Snow Summit more. Snow Summit has a family park with easy jumps, bumps, and rollers, as well as special night ski sessions. Keep the following in mind before you set out for the day:


  • Go early to beat the crowds and get fresher snow.
  • Start out your day with a lesson.
  • Remember sunscreen. The sun’s reflection on snow can cause sunburns.
  • Bring ibuprofen—you will be sore the next morning!
  • Consider packing a small first aid kit with bandages for any scrapes you and your family might get out on the slopes.
  • Listen to your body. If you aren’t used to skiing, don’t overdo it.
  • Be sure to stay hydrated and energized throughout the day. At the bottom of the chairlifts, you’ll find multiple restaurants for lunch.
  • Preserve the memories you’ll make with a photography session. A professional photographer will get shots of you and your family while you ski!


Looking for something else? Big Bear offers many other indoor and outdoor activities, including: snowshoeing, tubing, sledding, alpine slides, ziplining, bowling, laser tag, gold mining, and miniature golf.


You’re sure to have a wonderful vacation with your family! If you’re looking for more suggestions on family activities and events, check out other Scripps Affiliated Medical Groups articles.


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