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Easy Cauliflower Recipes for a Gluten-Free Meal

Cauliflower has had a real surge in popularity in the last few years, and it’s no surprise that people have taken a shine to the cruciferous vegetable — it’s low in fat and calories and serves up hearty helpings of fiber, vitamins C, K, B6 and folate. A versatile vegetable that is often used as a substitute for carbs, you can find it used in pizza crusts, as rice, or served mashed like potatoes.

Cauliflower is very easy to roast — simply coat it in your favorite seasonings and put in a 400 – 425 degree oven for about 30 minutes, stirring once halfway and removing when tender. Here are some other delicious ways to add cauliflower to your meal:

Cauliflower Steaks Over Gluten-Free Pasta

Remove the leaves from the head of cauliflower, clean, and slice into 4 or 5 even pieces, longways. Coat the steaks in olive oil and a mix of your favorite spices — red and black pepper, cumin, smoked paprika, and oregano make for a nice blend — and roast. Or, lightly dredge the steaks in gluten-free flour before seasoning to give them a nice crust. Serve on a top of gluten-free pasta with a red sauce, and if you eat dairy, top it with a sprinkle of parmesan.

Chili Lemon Cauliflower

This flavorful combination is delicious as a side dish but also works well in tacos bowls paired with beans and avocado. Chili powder is one seasoning option, but consider adding cayenne pepper, smoked paprika, or garlic powder — just mix them to your taste. Roast your cauliflower, and squeeze some lemon over it before serving.

Buffalo Cauliflower

You have probably seen this dish pop up on restaurant menus lately — it’s become a popular appetizer for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike! Make it at home by marinating cauliflower florets in your favorite hot sauce and baking until tender, then serve with a side of ranch and carrot sticks. Another option is to coat the florets in gluten-free flour before adding the hot sauce and cooking. Pro tip: these come out great cooked in an air fryer!

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Pizza Crust

Cauliflower pizza crust has become very popular lately due to its mild taste and hearty texture. You can find pre-made options next to frozen pizza in many grocery stores, but it’s also easy to make your own. To do so, grind cauliflower in a food processor then steam until soft. Let it drain and pat dry, then mix with 2 eggs, ½ cup mozzarella, Italian seasonings and red pepper flakes. Spread on a baking pan like you would a traditional crust and bake for about 15 minutes. Once it’s golden, cover in sauce and your favorite toppings and bake until your cheese has melted.

Cauliflower Rice with Chicken or Fish

Turning cauliflower into rice used to involve hand-grating or using a food processor, but thanks to its popularity, most grocery stores now carries bags of cauliflower rice in the frozen food aisle, making it easy to cook a healthy rice substitute even on busy days. Follow the package directions and add whatever seasoning will complement your other food — soy, teriyaki, or curry sauces are all tasty options!

These are just a few ways to work more cauliflower into your meals, but with so many interesting options, you’ll never get bored!

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