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kids make sidewalk art during activities for social distancing

6 Outdoor Family Activities For Social Distancing

Social distancing is still as important now as it was months ago in order to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, and staying home is still the safest option to not contract or spread the virus. However, spending time outdoors is good for our mental health and combating stress and anxiety. San Diego parks and beaches are currently open, so take advantage of the opportunity to get outside as a family while the weather is still nice, just wear masks and remember that the guidelines for social distancing require keeping a space of 6 feet from people who don’t live in your home. 

Here are some ideas for family activities that practice social distancing: 

Make a Sidewalk Art Museum 

Drawing new worlds, creatures, and messages with chalk is a fun activity for the whole family. Use your driveway, parking spot, or sidewalk, depending on what’s available to you, and draw whatever inspires your imagination. If you need some ideas to get you started, check out this article

Go for a Walk

It sounds simple, but getting the blood flowing and taking in the neighborhood sites is a nice way to spend time with the family. Walk along neighborhood streets that you don’t normally take when you drive — not only will you see all sorts of new houses, plants, and animals, it’s also easy to keep your distance from other people when you avoid the main routes in your neighborhood. 

Play Games

Scavenger hunts, hide-and-go-seek, bocce, catch — these are all games you can play outside that have some inherent social distance components built-in, but if you are playing with the people you live with, you can also include activities where players get closer at times, like tag, soccer, and basketball. If you don’t have a yard, head to the nearest park and find some space away from other people. Don’t forget your masks and hand sanitizer! 

Outdoor Picnic

Mix up mealtime by taking your blanket, food, and drinks outside or to a park and set up an outdoor picnic. If you invite a family member or friend who isn’t in your quarantine bubble, set up blankets 6 feet apart, and have everyone stay to their own areas. It will still be nice to see them and chat, even from a distance! We have some suggestions for healthy picnic snacks here

Backyard Movie Night

Set up your laptop or tablet outside, or if you have access to a projector, cast a movie on the side of your house or garage. A change of scenery can inject new life into a common activity like family movie night! 

Take a Kayak Tour

There are several companies in San Diego that offer kayak tours, and most will let kids as young as 6 years old join, as long as they share a kayak with a parent. Do an internet search to find the company with the best rate and schedule for your family, and head out on the bay or ocean and enjoy the amazing scenery — all while staying socially distanced from the other kayakers.  

For more tips on healthy living in San Diego, check out our articles here

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