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Move Your Run to the Stairs

5 Reasons To Start Running Stairs

Runners wanting to add a new challenge to their workouts need look no further than the closest staircase. Running stairs is the perfect way to build power, speed, and stronger legs, all while torching more calories. 

  1. Fighting Gravity Burns Calories

    When you run up stairs, your body does a series of plyometric moves, causing your muscles to use a lot of power. The effects are similar to doing lunges and squats, and the intensity improves your cardiovascular system as well. Your lower body has to work harder to fight gravity when it moves up a flight of stairs than it does when you simply move forward during a walk or run, and your muscles also get the extra work of finding stability. This all aids in burning calories and fat, and strengthening your lower body.

  2. Faster Results in Less Time

    Fitness experts say that when you do stair climbing runs, you burn twice the fat in half the time than a traditional run. A person weighing 160 lbs can burn approximately 190 calories just by running up and down stairs for 10 minutes. This means you can burn calories and boost your endorphins in less time, so it’s an effective way to get the health benefits you want while freeing up some time in your busy day.

  3. Improve Your Heart & Lungs

    A running stairs workout raises your heart rate, causing your heart to become more efficient at circulating oxygen and blood. A healthy cardiovascular system makes even simple, everyday tasks easier, and can help prevent future heart disease and high blood pressure.

  4. Less Stress for your Legs, Ankles & Knees

    The impact of running on concrete can take a toll on joints and the lower body. Stair running has the advantage of placing less stress on these areas while providing more strength to your muscles and cardiovascular system. And who doesn’t want more strength with less stress?

  5. It’s Free

    You don’t need to spend money on boutique gyms when there are staircases readily available. Buildings with more than one floor all have a staircase, so you may be able to work out at your office building, apartment complex, or nearest parking garage. Want to get outside? San Diegans love running the stairs at the San Diego Convention Center, or the La Mesa Secret Stairs. Other than a comfortable pair of shoes, no special equipment or clothing is required. With the ease of accessibility to stairs and the numerous health benefits, consider mixing up your workout routine and start climbing!

Need some ideas on stairs to run in San Diego? Check out this article with a list of 7 public staircases and their difficulty ratings!


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