Healthy Easter Basket Treats Kids Will Love

The Easter Bunny is famous for delivering baskets filled with the best and sweetest treats. However, Easter doesn’t have to be all about unhealthy, sugar-filled treats. Fill your child’s Easter basket with treats that promote creativity, social interaction, and healthy eating.


These Easter basket alternatives will have your kids egg-cited!


Spark Creativity and Promote Activity


Sidewalk Chalk

Send your kids outside to create their very own masterpiece. Use the chalk to play fun games like hopscotch, tic tac toe, or hangman. Make things exciting by encouraging a friendly competition: who can draw the best Easter Bunny?


Games and Puzzles

Fill baskets with fun games such as a Easter Bunny ring toss or Easter-themed puzzles. Start a family tradition! Team up and begin a friendly competition. Who can finish the puzzle first? Who can toss the most rings?


Bunny Mask Kit

Pull together a bunny mask kit  with pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks and mini pom-poms. Use the popsicle sticks as the base, pom-poms as the nose and pipe cleaners as the whiskers. Set up a mini craft station for the kids to create their very own bunny mask!


Supplies for the Summer

Start preparing your kids for summer activities. Fill their baskets with beach balls, flip flops, a towel with their favorite characters, goggles, and fun shaped sunglasses. If the sun is out, inflate the beach balls and play fun games:

  • A team race with a beach ball between their knees
  • A simple game of volleyball
  • Beach towel toss: a game of volleyball with a twist! Players hold each end of a towel and throw the beach ball over the net.


Think Outside the Basket—Healthy Treats

If you must have chocolate to satisfy your Easter sweet tooth, opt for dark chocolate, in moderation. From antioxidants to increased blood flow, the health benefits of dark chocolate are wide-ranging. Learn more about the health benefits of chocolate in our previous article.

Trail mix is an excellent snack and fits perfectly into an Easter basket! Fill up a carrot-shaped treat bag with a mixture of dried fruit, pretzels, almonds, cashews, plain popcorn, and dark chocolate! Dried fruits such as apricots and raisins are high in Vitamin E, iron, potassium and calcium. Most nuts contain heart-healthy substances such as Omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and Vitamin E.

Fruit leather is the perfect low-calorie treat that’s finger-licking good! Pack these treats in Easter-themed goodie bags. Commercial fruit leathers may contain unhealthy ingredients; try opting for homemade or all-natural fruit leathers.

Fruit and veggie seeds are fun to plant! There’s no better time to plant your favorite fruits and vegetables than springtime. Promote healthy eating while engaging your kids in the process of growing fresh fruits and vegetables. April is citrus season in Southern California, making it the perfect time to pot a lemon, lime, or clementine tree! Read our article for more information about the different fruits and veggies that will blossom in your backyard.


Your kids will be thanking the Easter Bunny for these healthy and fun candy alternatives. Who said Easter is all about sweets and sugars? Start a new family tradition with fun games and activities that involve the whole family.  For more information on healthy eating and tips, check out Scripps Affiliated Medical Groups’ articles!


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