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Get the Most Out of Your Medicare Health Plan

Have you ever asked yourself, “am I getting the most out of my health coverage?” We have some suggestions on how to take full advantage of all the services provided by your Medicare benefits.

  • Start by setting up a wellness visit with your doctor, even if you are feeling well. It’s better to detect a possible problem early and stay proactive about your health. 
  • Get updated lab tests. If you haven’t had your labs run recently, this will provide a baseline of your health. This also helps your doctor be up-to-date to get a clear picture of your current health.
  • Ask your doctor to run chronic conditions tests. Just like having your lab work done, knowing where your health stands is a great way to stay on top of any potential problems. Chronic conditions tests include checking for diabetes, hypertension, coronary artery disease, rheumatic diseases, or lung diseases.

Does your health plan include extra benefits?

In addition to your annual wellness check up, you may also be able to set up appointments for dental, vision, and hearing, depending on your Medicare plan. Not sure what benefits your Medicare plan includes? Ask your Medicare Insurance agent.

  1. Schedule an appointment for dental x-rays and teeth cleaning. Just like your wellness check up, make this appointment right away.
  2. Set up appointments to get your vision and hearing tested. Many plans not only cover these tests, but also have an allowance for prescriptions and hardware.
  3. Get yourself exercise. If your Medicare plan includes a gym membership, take advantage of this benefit and make a goal to start going to the gym 2-3 times a week. Here are some resources for senior fitness in San Diego

Are you taking prescription drugs?

Talk to your doctor now and check if any changes need to be made to your medications. In addition, check the cost of your prescriptions with your Medicare Plan, and consider ordering your medications by mail. Some Medicare plans will lower the cost of your prescriptions if you order a 3-month supply by mail.

We can help!

Make your health a priority and take advantage of all the coverage your plan offers. Caress Insurance Agency, LLC. has agents in San Diego County and can help answer your Medicare questions and provide you with the latest information on your Medicare Insurance Plans.  Get in contact by visiting their page and submitting your information.

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