Foods For Healthy, Beautiful Skin

Most experts would agree that there is at least some link between skin health and nutrition.

The Washington Post recently published the following article, “Foods That Help Save Your Skin” listing several foods and vitamins that may contribute to healthy, beautiful skin.

Foods That Help Save Your Skin

By Casey Seidenberg
February 26, 2014

My boys love to talk about the biggest bone in their body (the femur) and the largest muscle (the gluteus maximus). What is it with boys and big? I stumped them recently when I asked them to name the body’s largest organ. They debated between the large intestine and the liver. Nope, neither. Our skin is our largest organ. It protects us from harsh temperatures, sunlight and chemicals, and also prevents infections from entering our bodies. It makes Vitamin D and has sensors that tell our brains what is happening in the world outside our bodies. Our skin also excretes toxins and waste products — pounds of them a day. And for the aged, it can often tell a story right on our faces!

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Original Post By: Washington Post

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