Festive Seasonal Family Activities

No matter what holidays you celebrate this time of year — or if you don’t celebrate any — there’s still something about December that makes us feel like engaging in festive seasonal family activities! We’ve made a list of fun things you can do with your family this time of year. If you don’t have children in your family, don’t worry — this list is full of fun activities for any age!

Neighborhood Holiday Light Viewing

One of our favorite seasonal family activities is to pile into the car with travel cups full of hot cocoa and go on an adventure to find the best holiday light displays in the county! We’ve got a list started for you, here. Some of these neighborhoods go all out, and it’s fun to drive around and see what imaginative, festive displays San Diegans come up with. 

Holiday Movie Night

There’s nothing like getting cozy and watching a holiday movie together. Put on pajamas, make popcorn, and get out the fluffy blankets for a snuggly movie night. Introduce the kids to a classic from your childhood and enjoy making new memories while watching an old favorite, together. 

Make Holiday Decorations

Entertain the kids with some kid-friendly holiday crafting. Kids can make decorations for the house, create their own wrapping paper, make ornaments, and more. Check out this article for some simple ideas. Let the kids use their new creations to decorate their bedrooms, or spread some festive cheer on a favorite neighbor’s porch (with their permission, of course). 

Play in the Snow

Ok, while San Diego is unlikely to see any snow, luckily snow is only a short drive away! Check weather reports for Julian, Big Bear, and Mt. Laguna and if flurries are expected, head out on an impromptu road trip. If conditions are good, make snow angels and build a snowman.

Host a Cookie Exchange

‘Tis the season for sweet treats! This is the time of year where everyone loves showing off their baking skills, and cookies are a classic for a reason. From sugar cookies with icing to all things peppermint, there’s something for everyone. Invite some friends over and have everyone bring a set amount of cookies. Then, participants fill a box with cookies to take home. It’s an easy way to get a variety of types of cookies without having to do all the baking yourself. If you are not gathering right now due to COVID, check out these tips for hosting a socially-distant cookie exchange

Learn About a Different Holiday

While your family traditions are important, it’s also fulfilling to understand what other families celebrate, as well. Pick a holiday other than the one you participate in and get your kids involved in doing research to learn about it. You can even pick a tradition of the holiday and do it with your kids, such as cooking a special food. Holidays like Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, Rohatsu, Solstice, and Ōmisoka are just a few December occasions that might be enjoyable to research with your family. 

Write Notes to Family and Friends

Buy some cute cards or stationary and spend time writing notes to friends and family. Your kids can write their own notes to include, too. Let your loved ones know what you’ve been up to, and take this time to let them know how much they mean to you. Everyone loves getting mail, especially when it contains a sweet surprise from a cherished friend or family member!

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