Family-friendly Valentines Activities

Family-friendly Valentines Activities

For many parents, finding a babysitter or a restaurant reservation on Valentine’s Day can be challenging. Between the logistics and the expense, it can be tempting to not treat the day like a special occasion. However, Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be just about romantic love, it can be about love for your family, too! Here are some family-friendly valentines activities to make it a special and memorable day for everyone. 

Start with a Lovely Breakfast

Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to turn toast or pancakes into tasty and adorable edible hearts. If your family prefers smoothies, use plenty of red berries and sprinkle a few chocolate chips on top to stay on-theme. 

Go for a Hike

Get some fresh air and exercise on one of San Diego’s many family-friendly trails. Play games on the trail, like challenging each other to identify the most plants, or counting the number of critters you spot. It will be quality time together and help your kids develop a love of nature. Not sure where to go? Check out this list of six family-friendly hikes

Write Love Notes

Get out paper, crayons, colored pencils, stickers, or whatever crafty items you have handy. Have everyone write letters expressing their love and gratitude. You can write notes to each other, or ask the children to write letters to their grandparents or other important people in their lives. This will be a fun project not only for your family but for the recipients — after all, everyone likes getting unexpected, kind notes from a loved one!

Volunteer Together

Sign-up to volunteer at one of the many charitable organizations in San Diego. Here are a few places that allow kids to volunteer, or search You could also help out in your community by picking up trash or offering to run errands for an elderly neighbor. Doing good together will be a rewarding way to spend the day.  

Plan a Treasure Hunt

Create clues leading from one to the next throughout your home or yard. Have the clues lead to a prize for something the family can do together, like a puzzle or snacks to eat while watching a movie. The game will entertain the kids while helping improve their reading and deductive reasoning skills. 

Go on a Picnic

Did you know that spending time outside has health benefits like stress relief, immunity boosting, and helps cognitive functions? Spend Valentine’s Day with your family at one of San Diego’s many parks and see for yourself! Pack a picnic, take some games, and spend the afternoon enjoying nature and each other’s company. Here are a few San Diego parks that are great for picnicking

Get Dressed Up for Dinner at Home

Cooking at home is much cheaper than going out, especially when feeding a family. Pretend you are going to a fancy restaurant and have the kids help make a nice Valentine’s Day meal. Depending on their age, they may be able to set the table, pick out a recipe, or do some of the cooking. Dress up, use a tablecloth, and make an event out of a lovely family dinner in your own home. Don’t forget to serve a sweet dessert!

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