Essential Summer Skincare Tips For Everyone

The summer sun can be harsh on your skin. The sun’s UV rays can cause sunburn — and with prolonged exposure, serious health issues like melanoma — but they can also exacerbate oily, dry, or acne-prone skin conditions. Our summer skincare tips have got you and your family covered so that you can enjoy a safe and comfortable season outdoors!

For Children’s Skin

There are several ways to keep your baby’s delicate skin safe in the sun, but the predominant way is by limiting overall sun exposure

  • For children six months or older, a water-resistant, broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher is recommended. Many dermatologists prefer sunscreens made of titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, which deflect sun rays, rather than a “physical” sunscreen that absorbs them
  • No matter which sunscreen you choose, remember to reapply every two hours and even more often if your child is splashing around

For Dry Skin

The summer heat signals dry and irritated skin for some. Here are a few ways to combat this:

  • Be sure you’re taking cool-to-lukewarm showers; hot showers will only dry out your skin more
  • After bathing, while your skin is still slightly damp, apply a high-quality moisturizer to your face and body that’s specially formulated for dry skin, packed with things like hyaluronic acid — which can hold 1,000 times its weight in water — and other fortifying hydrators
  • Be sure to keep your insides hydrated by doing things like drinking lots of water and eating melon. Melons are largely comprised of water, contain many important antioxidants, and can even boost your natural SPF protection

For Oily / Acne-Prone Skin

It’s common for people who have oily and/or acne-prone skin to experience increased oil and breakouts during the summer months due to humidity and sweating. Here’s how you can help your skin combat oil and acne:

  • Although it may seem counter-intuitive, do not give into the temptation to wash your face more often. Over-washing your skin can lead to higher oil production as your body tries to compensate for the excess dryness
  • Wash your face twice a day as you normally would, using facial blotting tissues throughout the day to control oil and shine
  • Exfoliate your skin 1-2 times per week (doing so more often will overstimulate the skin and could cause more breakouts), as removing the dead skin cell layer will help reduce acne flare-ups from clogged pores
  • Invest in a good oil-free, non-comedogenic sunscreen made specifically for your face
  • Wear minimal makeup, especially foundation — and be sure it’s also oil-free and non-comedogenic

For Sunburned Skin

Even if you’re outside only for a short time, you should always wear a minimum of SPF 30 sunscreen on all of your exposed skin. Reapply every two hours, depending on the overall length of your sun exposure and if your skin is getting wet. If you do manage to get sunburned, do the following:

  • Stay out of the sun until the sunburn heals
  • If you must venture outside while sunburned, cover up as best you can and use a zinc oxide sunscreen, which will be more soothing to your skin than traditional sunscreen
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes
  • Don’t scratch peeling skin or pop any blisters
  • Apply (unscented) aloe lotion liberally to cool the burning sensation
  • Rest and stay hydrated

Staying Protected & Happy Under The Sun

Aside from the specific skin care tips listed above, here are some general reminders about sun protection that apply to everyone, particularly during the hotter summer months:

  • Wear sunscreen daily
  • Remember to apply sunscreen to often overlooked body parts like your lips, scalp, ears, and hands
  • Don’t get sunburned (and if you do, treat it as soon as possible)
  • Wear a wide-brimmed sun hat to protect your face, neck, and chest
  • When outside, stay in the shade as much as possible
  • Drink lots of water and stay hydrated

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