How to Eat Healthy at Petco Park

Baseball season is in full swing! Baseball games are known for a having a fun atmosphere and exciting plays, but are not usually known for healthy eats. Petco Park is the exception, offering plenty of healthy options you can feel good about indulging in! As you root for the Padres, set the hot dog and Cracker Jacks aside and order from one of these six eateries instead.


  • Flatbreads, salads, fruit, fresh juice, and organic sodas aren’t your traditional ballpark fare, but you can find all of the above at Seaside Market, located at field level in Section 107. Try the kale quinoa salad—kale is low in calories and high in fiber, iron, calcium, and antioxidants, while quinoa is packed with protein and essential amino acids.


  • Rimel’s Rotisserie serves delicious chicken, free of hormones and antibiotics. Order chicken with a healthy side or as part of a wok bowl with fresh veggies. Ask for brown rice instead of white; because brown rice is a whole grain, it contains more nutrients than white rice. Rimel’s is in the Western Metal Supply Co. Building and field level in Section 117.


  • Looking for something light and refreshing? Section 107’s Paradise Bowls has fresh fruit and acai bowls—perfect for a summer night treat. Acai berries are high in antioxidants and can be good for your heart, skin, digestion, and immune system.


  • Sushi fans should seek out Zenbu Sushi in Toyota Terrace’s Section 224. They have a variety of options such as veggie rolls, salmon rolls, and seaweed salad. Sushi is a good source of protein is a good way to get omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for your heart.


  • Sushi isn’t the only fish option in the park. Bumblebee has a Poke Bar (Section 107) serving up fresh poke, and a Seafood Cart (Section 119) where you can get a seafood salad, one of Petco Park’s healthiest offerings.


Take healthy foods out to the ball game

No one says you have to buy food! Petco Park allows you to bring food in, which might be a better option for your body and your bank account. Instead of purchasing a greasy burger and fries, take some time before the game to prepare salads or sandwiches that you can bring with you. Add a few healthy sides like carrot sticks and pretzels, and don’t forget something sweet for dessert—try dried fruits and nuts with some apple slices. You can also pack bottled water and skip the expensive and sugary sodas.

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