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Mushrik Kaisey, MD

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Dr. Mushrik Kaisey has lead multiple lectures about the elderly and holding emphasis on dementia and the Syncope in the elderly. Being involved with the community, Mushrik Kaisey, M.D. has held educational lectures about Dementia and Aging with Scripps and Sharp Hospitals. Dr. Kaisey founded the Diabetes Clinic at the Tahrir Hospital in Basrah and is a member of the Bioethics committee, as well as, the Medical Department Committee at Scripps Memorial Hospital.

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Languages Spoken

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Board certifications

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  • › Baghdad University - 1976
  • › University of Pennsylvania Presbyterian Hosp.
  • › Temple University Hospital

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  • › American Geriatric Society
  • › California Geriatric Society
  • › British Geriatric Society
  • › American College of Physicians
  • › San Diego Medical Society
  • › American Medical Association

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