Disclosing Nutritional Facts

A recent study shows that disclosing nutritional facts is not only good for the consumer, but it is also a good business move for the restaurant. Findings showed that customers were more likely to visit and return to restaurant if healthy options and nutritional data were available.

For more in-depth information about these findings, please review Parade‘s “Healthy Food Options, Nutritional Information a Winning Recipe for Restaurants.”

Healthy Food Options, Nutritional Information a Winning Recipe for Restaurants

By Kristen Fischer
April 2, 2014

A new study finds that showing nutritional information and putting healthy items on the menu are positive for a restaurant’s reputation—even those that don’t serve up the healthiest fare. Nutritional data on hand? Check. Healthy options on the menu? Check. According to research from Penn State and the University of Tennessee, customers are most likely to visit restaurants that have both.

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Original Post By:  Parade

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