Demand for Gluten-Free Products Still on the Rise

The New York Times explores the health and business trend of gluten-free products in “A Big Bet on Gluten-Free.”

A BIG BET ON GLUTEN-FREE By Stephanie Strom February 17, 2014 The Girl Scouts recently introduced a gluten-free chocolate chip shortbread cookie to their annually anticipated line of sweet treats. Vodka companies vie over which one of them was the “first” to introduce a gluten-free version of their products. And Trader Joe’s recently joked in an advertising flier promoting gluten-free foods that it was selling “Gluten Free Greeting Cards 99 Cents Each! Every Day!” — even though it then went on to say the cards were not edible. Makers of products that have always been gluten-free, including popcorn, potato chips, nuts and rice crackers, are busy hawking that quality in ads and on their packaging. Click here to read more… Original Post By: New York Times

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