Celebrating Father’s Day At Home

Father’s Day is just around the corner on Sunday, June 19th. Here are a few creative activities to celebrate Father’s Day at home for commemorating Dad!

#1: All-Star Brunch

Cook Dad a delicious breakfast to start his morning of celebration! You can make various dishes such as french toast, eggs benedict, omelets, pancakes, and many more. This activity can involve the entire family and turn making an all-star brunch into a memorable bonding experience. 

#2: Movie Night 

Grab some blankets, sweet treats, your favorite pajamas, and get comfortable! Family movie night is a great way to celebrate Dad by bringing the entire family together to enjoy a classic film. Make snacks together such as homemade popcorn, rice crispy treats, fruit bowls, nachos, and more!

#3: Family Game Night 

Dust off your favorite old board games such as Checkers, Life, Connect 4, Sorry, Monopoly, and make some space to play! You can also add a creative twist to game night by playing minute-to-win it style games. Game night is great for hours of friendly-competitive fun with everyone in the family.

#4: Make Father’s Day Coupons

Grab markers, crayons, paint, and colored paper for this creative activity. Father’s day coupons are creative gestures you as a family can do for Dad when he wants to redeem them. You start by grouping together small squares of construction paper and staple the edges together like a book. Next, write down a new coupon on every sheet, such as “Taking out the trash,” “One big hug,” or “One free car wash.” (Here are some ideas for the coupon book.) Lastly, add your own personal touch by decorating the book with drawings, colors, and more. 

#5: Mason Jar Goodies 

What’s better than giving your Dad his favorite treats with a note of affirmation? Mason jars full of goodies are the perfect way to do both. Start by visiting your local art supply stores like Michaels, Blick Art Materials, or Joann to pick up mason jars and paint supplies. Next, visit your local grocery stores and grab some of Dad’s favorite snacks and sweet treats to place in the jars. The whole family can create this gift for Dad by adding puny labels and tags on the mason jars that match the snack and describe Dad the best! (Here is a list of ideas)

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