Crafts for Kids: Homemade Holiday Decorations

Entertain the kids by showing them some fun and easy ways to create their own unique holiday decorations. They’ll love seeing their creations hung around the house, and their crafts will make great DIY gifts for grandparents! Here are easy craft ideas for kids and parents to make together:

Pipe Cleaner Snowflakes

Purchase pipe cleaners in a variety of colors and use a wire cutter to slice them into various sizes. Show the kids how to twist three pieces together at their midpoint to form spokes, and then twist smaller pieces off the main wheel. Let them use their imaginations to create a collection of adorable snowflakes, which can be strung together as garland, or attached to gifts for a little extra holiday flair. Pasting a photo of your child or pet to the front and attaching a ribbon to use as a hook will turn these into special ornaments.

Custom Wrapping Paper

Grab a jumbo roll of Kraft or Butcher paper, then set out the crayons, markers, and glitter pens and let the kids design their own custom wrapping paper. Create detailed holiday scenes, use stencils or stamps, or freestyle your own one-of-a-kind patterns. No matter what kind of designs your kids create, everyone on your shopping list will certainly be charmed by the very special gift wrap.

Yarn Letters

Draw or trace letters onto cardboard or an old cereal box, and cut them out. Glue a length of brightly-colored yarn to one end, then wrap the entire letter with yarn, gluing down ends and adding more strings as needed. Spell out holiday-themed words like “noel” or “peace”, or create the first letter of the name of all family members and use as place settings at the holiday dinner table.

Glass Jar Holiday Terrariums

Turn mason jars or clean food jars into holiday terrariums! You can pick up inexpensive miniature snowmen, reindeer, Santas, skiers, and other winter-themed figurines at any craft store. Or, make your own characters out of construction paper and felt. Glue cotton balls or pillow stuffing to the inside lid of the jars. Next, paste figurines and holiday decorations inside the jars. Place the lid back on, turn upside down, and now you have a custom holiday terrarium to enjoy.

Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Buy some inexpensive cookie cutters at your local dollar or discount store. Place the cookie cutters face down on pretty patterned paper, and trace. Cut the patterns, and then glue or tape to the inside of the cookie cutter. This is a great budget-friendly craft when you decorate the cookie cutters with items you already have, such as using sequins, buttons, or bits of yarn. Glue a loop of ribbon to the top, and you have a new custom ornament for the tree.

Your home will certainly feel festive after the kids create one or more of these easy holiday decorations!


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