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Adult Sports Leagues in San Diego

As you may have read in our article “Why San Diego is One of the Fittest Cities in America,” for the second year in a row, the American Fitness Index ranked San Diego the 10th fittest city in America. Part of what contributes to our fit city is the thriving community of adult sport leagues in San Diego. From softball to soccer, there is something for everyone to get out and play, year-round, all over town.

Adult sports leagues are a great alternative to the gym if you are looking to mix up your fitness routine. They also provide a social, interactive way for you to end your day. Decompress from a stressful job or take a break from “adulting” with some fresh air and physical activity. San Diego’s adult sports leagues offer many different sports to participate in at every skill level. They also range in competitiveness from mainly social to very serious.

Here are some things to consider when picking the adult sports league that’s best for you:

  1. Recreation Center Adult Sport Leagues:

    The City of San Diego offers a wide variety of sports leagues for adults. Most leagues offer co-ed basketball, softball and volleyball leagues right in your neighborhood. Call or visit your local recreation center for adult sports programs and schedules. The YMCA also offers adult soccer, basketball, and volleyball leagues that you can read more about here.

  2. Social Adult Sport Leagues:

    These groups are typically just as social as they are physical and offer a different mix of activities. In addition to the usual sports, they have fun leagues such as kickball, dodgeball, and bowling. Many have organized outings to festivals, ski trips and weekend camping and hiking trips around San Diego. They are typically less competitive and welcome all levels to come and have a good time. Here are a few to check out:

VAVI website

San Diego Social Leagues website

All Out Sports League website


  1. Office Adult Sport Leagues:

    If you’re looking for after-hours bonding with your co-workers, organize a team from your office and play against other companies. Many sports complexes, such as Sportsplex USA in Poway and Santee and ProRec Sports Center in Chula Vista, have year-round leagues. The leagues are categorized according to skill level from beginner through advanced. This means that everyone in your office can participate regardless of skill level, and you can find the right fit for your team overall.

  1. Competitive & Sport-Specific Adult Leagues:

    If you are looking for competitive play in your favorite sport, there are more serious leagues around town just for you. The sports range from indoor and beach volleyball to softball, soccer, basketball, and flag football. These leagues or clubs tend to be more competitive as most of the people in them already have some knowledge of the sport. However, most do offer various levels of play and will find an appropriate spot for anyone that wants to participate. After all, everyone was a beginner at one time or another! Here are a few to look into:

Peninsula Women’s Soccer League website

Softball San Diego website and San Diego Softball website

San Diego American Flag Football League website

Flight Action Sports website

San Diego Social Beach Volleyball League website

Whether you’re interested in social, competitive or casual play, San Diego’s adult sport leagues are an excellent way to get some exercise, be active, and take a break from the stresses of adult life. Take advantage of our beautiful weather and fit community and play like a kid again!!!

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