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San Diego Museum Month

San Diego Museum Month: Health Benefits of a Day at the Museum

February is Museum Month in San Diego! Stop by a Macy’s store to pick up a Museum Month Pass, which will get you half-price admission to 40 museums, monuments, historical sites, and gardens across San Diego during the entire month of February. Spending the day at a museum (or two!) can be fun and educational no matter your age. It’s a great chance to see something different, learn something new, and explore the city a little. Plus, visiting a museum has some great health benefits!


Staying Active: How Going to a Museum Can Benefit You Physically

Spending your day at one of the 40 participating museums is a good way to stay active and a much healthier choice than lounging around on the couch.

  • Standing up burns more calories than sitting down. It depends how much you weigh, but you can burn 20 to 50 more calories per hour simply by standing instead of sitting. While that may not seem like a lot, it adds up over even a few hours. So while you’re admiring an artistic masterpiece in front of you, you’re also doing a good thing for your body.
  • Most people wouldn’t consider a day at the museum to be exercise—but maybe you should! Even walking slowly (two miles per hour) burns 204 to 305 calories an hour depending on your weight. Whether you’re strolling through a gallery or garden, you’re actually getting in some exercise.

Scripps amg has an extensive list of articles to help san diegans maintain an active lifestyle.

Increasing Well-Being: Why Museums are Good for Mental Health

Visiting a museum can have an even greater mental benefit. In fact, research shows that going to a museum may be even better for your well-being than playing a sport.

  • It can be calming and help to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Doing something out of your ordinary routine can inspire you. Check out a museum to help you momentarily escape from all the mundane tasks on your to-do list.
  • A trip to a museum can make people feel connected to humanity and society.
  • It’ll keep you sharp. Learning new things can increase happiness as well as help stave off symptoms of dementia and cognitive decline.
  • It’s good for your kids. For children especially, museums can provide an inspiring and educational experience. A day at the museum is a way for them to learn new things in a hands-on way.

If you want to learn about other activities to maintain a good mental health check out our gardening for mental health or learn how a pet can help improve your mental health.

Part of what makes Museum Month so great is the sheer variety of participating sites. Visit the California Surf Museum to discover surfing’s history, or the San Diego Botanic Garden to see plants from all over the world. You can hear ghost stories at the allegedly haunted Whaley House, or learn about over 10,000 years of San Diego history at the San Diego Archaeological Center.


No matter which you choose, your day at the museum will be good for both your body and your mind. For more suggestions on ways to keep active around San Diego, read more articles from Scripps Affiliated Medical Groups.


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